Sunday, March 1, 2015

H and M - January and February 2015

We are so close to being caught up!!!  I took a fair bit of video and pictures during these two months, but I am soooo ready to be all caught with the "Life Of Miley" files that they're all going into one post no matter what!  Actually, January and February were a lot more of the same thing.  You know, things like Miley being such a lady or goofy.

Still more hiking in January, complete with some very unseasonably gorgeous and warm weather!

During January there was the big Rose City Classic dog show at the Portland Expo Center.  Miley was still pretty gangly at that point and I knew she wouldn't get the points, but it was a very busy/big show for her to get some valuable experience at.  She made me incredibly proud with how very well she handled everything!  My ideal is for a her to be comfortable going from a total goob outside of the ring to walking in the ring and knowing that she needs to turn it "on" for conformation.  I was not disappointed.  We would go from dorking around, rolling around on the ground, to going in for her class and she is very definitely understanding the difference between what is acceptable outside of the ring versus what is expected of her inside the ring.  I was so pleased with her performance.  Each show she improves more and I'm incredibly proud of the dog that she is/is becoming. I won't go into more detail than that since I already talked a little bit about the fun that she got to have at the show in this post.  To round things out, I'll give you a little taste of the immense patience that Heffner has

And the compilation video with the rest of the random clips I have from January:

February involved Miley doing probably the only actually bad thing that she's done.  She's been so good about not chewing on my shoes (if you know how much I love shoes, you realize what a big deal this is) or really anything that wasn't intended to be a dog toy (excluding random things in the yard that I don't really care about), that I basically got spoiled.  I came home from work one day to find this:

Now, when you randomly see a piece of something lying also randomly somewhere in your house, you KNOW you are about to find the rest of the something.  And most likely in a shape that you won't be pleased with.

Yeah, Miley had been nibbling away at the memory foam bed that I bought for the dogs.  Thankfully she didn't completely destroy it.  She just made a bit of a mess.  The bed is technically still functional, but I am planning on replacing it.  Oh Miley....

Have ya'll seen that adorable video of the french bulldog puppy who plays with the door stopper???  It's off the charts on the cuteness scale!

Well, just a few days ago, Miley discovered this very same type of door stopper in my bedroom, while I was folding laundry!

Totally cracked me up!  Admittedly, not quite as cute as the frenchie puppy, but still pretty amusing.  This dog.  There really is no end to her cracking me up!

February's hiking actually involved a fair bit of elevation gain hikes as well as testing out nature's dog walk.  Naturally, Miley was all for it.  And now that Heffner is on arthritis medication, his feet aren't so sensitive to the types of terrain and I don't worry quite so much about the weight and pressure on his front end on the way back down.  There have been so many hikes and trails that I started avoiding once I thought he was starting to get uncomfortable, that I'm really excited to be getting back to them!  It opens up our hiking options, and now that the easier trails are getting busier with the nicer weather (remember, we're on the west coast, not the east coast that has been getting hammered with all the snow), we have the more difficult trails to go back and get some serious exercise in.  It makes for happy campers between the dogs and I. :)

And the random video clips from February (I labelled it January and February because I forgot about adding in the video files from the January folder.....):

Whatever will I blog about now?! ;)