Thursday, January 30, 2014

Picture Time!

It's picture time!  And because I was complaining about it just yesterday, lets start with the public shaming of my beloved Heffner. ;)  The Cone of Shame has been a smashing success.  At times, this has been literally.  Heff hasn't figured out how to get the cone off, but he has learned that he can use it as a battering ram.  And this is VERY effective when he wants attention.  As it turns out, it's even more effective than when he wasn't wearing The Cone and would head butt my arm.  Here's the picture:

Awwwwww, he's so freaking cute even when he's been driving me crazy!  Wouldn't it be cute if I got a little video clip of him with The Cone on??  Oh wait, I did!

And now for the onslaught of pictures that I've managed to pull off my phone from roughly the past two months.  Here goes!

Of late, Ruthie has been seeking out attention from Heffner.  And even stranger, he's been tolerating her!

I know, ridiculously adorable!

For more cuteness factor, The Almighty Midget doing some cuddling on the couch:

The other night I was sitting at my desk eating some left over pizza when I got the very distinct feeling that I was being watched.....

Random hiking pictures, because we are still religious about getting in at least one hike each week, regardless of weather.

Sometimes I'm able to get my phone out without disturbing the dogs and capture little moments that seriously melt my heart.

No one's really a fan of sharing space with Ruthie when she's a little on the gassy side.

Random sleepy cuteness!

I seriously fell in love with my Christmas tree this past year.  Hands down, best tree yet!  I named her Baby.  She was so full that she took up most of the living room without trimming any branches.  I had to trim her up and stick her in the corner so that the living room was useable.  Which made think of Dirty Dancing and "nobody puts Baby in a corner."

And random cuteness!

I am a very lucky gal to have these guys in my life!!

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Jennifer said...

Love the photo dump! :-) So many 'awwww' moments. :-)