Sunday, January 10, 2016

Introducing Dominic!

Miley has a little brother!! :) Meet Dominic.  I drove up to central Washington on Friday to pick him up from the breeder, who is also Miley's same breeder.  He is co-owned by my good friend Megan, Miley and Dominic's breeder and myself.  He was a super star on the four hour drive home and hardly said a peep!
Miley is quite enamored with her new little brother, however, she would really like to play with him as though he were an adult.  So for the time being, the short x-pen is up to keep them separated while Dominic is out of his crate.  This also acts to limit the number of places that D can wonder off to and pee.  And speaking of pee, boy can he!  Miley was going about every 20 min. at the same age.  Dominic is going almost every 10 min.  Then I started remembering house breaking Heffner.  There were a LOT of accidents in the house with him.  Boys!
But seriously, I can't get enough of this little guy!  Hes so sweet!  I just want to eat him up!  He loves crawling into my lap and just chilling with a toy.  And when I get him out of his crate each time, I'm met with a hug and lots of puppy kisses.  Puppy breath!!  He's got a surprising amount of impulse control, at the moment.  He's also not as sassy and chatty as Miley.  Actually, other than some whining in the crate, he's been pretty quiet.  He's just this sweet, mooshable, contemplative puppy and I'm already completely in love with him!  
I haven't been super productive this weekend in terms of overall training and just generally getting things done around the house.  So this post is kind of bare bones as I adjust to juggling an 8 week old puppy and a 22 month old.  He's currently asleep in my lap and I'm typing this up one handed.  It's taking forever!  But I also want to soak this up for the short period of time that he's this small.  

Happy weekend everyone!  And I'm excited to share more of Dominic and Miley!

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Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

How exciting! I hope you post a lot more about him :)