Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Thanks in large part to the tricks class that we're taking, I'm getting better about recording our various training sessions and I wanted to share some of coordination/balance work that we're doing.  There are posts littered throughout the blog where I talk about the various pieces of stability equipment that I work the dogs on and the various exercises that we do with them.  Today, I'm sharing some clips of the dogs working with our two FitBones in a few different configurations.

Things are still a work in progress for both dogs, just for different reasons.  Miley is periodically fearful of the equipment and this has led to her being generally more hesitant.  She has days where she does just fine and her movements are sharper and she has more enthusiasm.  Then something will happen, and she loses everything that she gained.  It can be something as simple as literally a plastic sandwich bag shifting on the dining room table.  This slight movement, combined with a slight noise, is apparently enough to send her into a bout of fear.  I just can't control for all these random things.  So we keep plugging away and I hope that she'll either work through it, or that this is just a hormonal issue and once she's eventually spayed, this will stop.

Dominic is definitely not fearful.  He's quite enthusiastic and really seems to enjoy trying to figure out what he's supposed to do and tackling new challenges.  His only difficulty really is that he's a puppy and he's still learning about coordination.  Not a small task given how much his body continues to grow.  Regardless, he's a champ and a ton of fun to work with!

Without further ado, here's the video of several clips with both dogs working with the FitBones:

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