Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Such A Deal!

I'm running low on steam tonight, but I did want to pass along a freakishly good deal for anyone interested. Adam randomly came across this last night. We've all heard and seen the adds for the Furminator and it seems like a great product. Personally, I'm quite partial to my Zoom Groom. Add to that the fact that the Furminator runs any where from around $20 for it's smallest size up to $60 for the largest, and purchasing one is really rather ridiculous. However, for anyone interested, Amazon is clearing out a bunch of these puppies and the $59.95 version is on sale for $10.22!!! Just go to the link that I added and the page should come up. While I don't have long haired dogs and I have already professed my love for the Zoom Groom, we bought one just to try it out. When something is knocked down in price that dramatically, you just can't pass it up! And we're also hoping that it will help furminate Trouble, our long haired cat. This time of year all he does is lay around the house and shed large clumps of hair EVERYWHERE and it drives me nuts! I'll give my opinion of it for short haired dogs versus the Zoom Groom once I get a chance to try it out.


Kathie R said...

That's a deal! I have a furminator that I use on the Danes and I love it. They shed a lot, especially the fawns, and the furminator really pulls the dead hair out.

houndstooth said...

Oh thank you! The one you posted just went down to $5! Since we added a German Shepherd here, I've really been wanting to get one. We have the cheap knock off version, but that's not quite the same as the real thing from what I've read from others. I even had a $25 gift card, so I got it for free!