Friday, October 1, 2010

Yay For October!!

Can you smell that?? It's the holiday season officially upon us! I switched the dogs' collars over to their Halloween duds and we are ready to get festive!

I started off my new Fridays off schedule by taking the dogs out for a lovely hike. What I had planned on doing was a pretty normallish hike on a relatively easy trail that we haven't been on in a while. The trail is actually more of a neglected Forest Service road, but it's still really enjoyable. Little did I know that they've done some "work" on this trail in the intervening months. They dug up almost the whole thing so that it's now a jumbled mass of dirt and rock. And then, for whatever reason, they also dug these trenches at pretty regular intervals along the way. The result was a hike where you had to constantly keep your mind on where you were putting your feet. Good work out for the dogs, but more of a work out than I had actually planned on. And I ended up on my butt a couple times from the steepness of the trenches that we had to cross. Otherwise, it was a good outing.:)

Once we got back to the house the dogs and I kicked back and did some relaxing. After some indoor snoozing, we went outside so that they could chew on some big cow bones and I could read a book in the nice weather. And that's pretty much been our day. I have to say, I really enjoyed it!

Tomorrow Heffner and I are off for another AKC agility trial and I'm really excited! I'm hoping that he can bring the same happy and attentive dog that he was last weekend.

We also got around to testing out turkey and Heffner's not allergic to it! Yay!! So that means that it was just chicken that was giving him problems. I like that a LOT because turkey is really easy to get a hold of and not terribly more expensive than chicken. My dog budget likes that part.;o)

I'm kind of scatter brained right now, but wanted to shoot out a little update and wish everyone a good weekend! Hopefully I will have good news to share tomorrow!


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck at the trial tomorrow!

I'm so glad he's okay with Turkey.

houndstooth said...

That sounds like quite a hike!

We wish you the best of luck tomorrow!

Jennifer H. said...

Good luck at the trial!!! And yippeee for turkey being ok! That is great. :)

Kennedy said...

Good news? Did someone say good news.....? ;)