Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Blur....

The past few days have been a total blur of getting things ready both at work and at home, for our departure to Lodi, CA early tomorrow morning. I think I've mentioned Lodi a fair number of times, but not necessarily what we're going down there for. Each year the Great Dane Club of Northern California hosts a fantastic two day specialty that is truly an event worthy of making an annual tradition! This year they're even upping the anty! On the Friday before the specialty, they've previously held just a conformation match. This year they added in an obedience and rally match!! Woot!!

Saturday is an all day fun event filled with rally, obedience, conformation, a great raffle, great company, and topped by a delicious BBQ dinner. I've got Bess and Heffner both entered in rally and obedience, with a friend of mine willing to help out during the stays since both dogs are entered in Novice A and you need one handler per dog. They're then both entered in the parade of performance title holders.:) I couldn't resist that! And Bess is entered in conformation.

Sunday is shorter day with "just" conformation. With 101 conformation entries on Saturday and 95 entries on Sunday, they will be some very long, but fun days. I will be sure to take as many pictures and as much video as I can. I've packed my battery charger as well as my laptop along so that I will be able to update with posts as I am able!

The dogs have had their nails dremmeled and their baths out of the way. The truck is as packed as it's going to get until tomorrow morning. And I am now heading off to clean myself up and get ready for our 10+ hour drive tomorrow. Wish us luck!!


Kathie R said...

GOOD LUCK! And, Have Fun :)

MurphyDog said...

wow! Big weekend ahead! Good luck to you and both your doggies...I know they'll do great!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Wow! That's a HUGE entry! Our National Specialty isn't much more than that. It's so cool that it's somewhat close enough that you can go. Good luck! Take lots of pics, I love seeing the cool stuff at breed specialties.

Jennifer H. said...

Oh my goodness how exciting!!!!!! Lots and lots of good luck vibes on the way and can't wait to see pics! Have tons of fun!!!!