Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Continuing With Puppy Miley....

After staying home with Miley for the first week, I went back to work with a slightly modified schedule.  I would go home for an extended lunch each day to take care of Miley.  Let her out of the crate to pee, clean up any accidents, and make sure she got some exercise during the middle of the day.  Thankfully the timing was right and my work load allowed for this for almost two whole months!  It was fabulous!
This extra time during the middle of the day allowed me to make sure that Miley was getting the attention and time and that she needed, while also making it so that I was able to spend "extra" time with Heffner as well.  Juggling two dogs who could not be loose together can be a little tiring.  I knew it wouldn't be permanent, but it was still wearing and I was perpetually feeling guilty because I was having to exclude one of the dogs from interactions while I was with the other.  I have a horribly guilty conscience when it comes to my dogs in the first place, this definitely added to it.
Minus the guilty moments, I was having a fan-freaking-tastic time enjoying my puppy!  And what wasn't there to enjoy?!  She was/is hilarious pretty much every minute of the day.  So much sass.  So much attitude.  So much "OMG PUPPY" cuteness.  I was obsessed.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time just watching her.  Everything that she did was just the best thing ever.  I was smitten. :) Naturally, I took a whole lot of pictures and video of her random entertaining moments. ;) Oh yeah, and I FIGURED OUT HOW TO REORIENT MY VIDEO!!!!  Turns out, there's this button on the video editing software right with all the other buttons that says rotate right or left.....Here's the first compilation:
You know what's also fun?  Tormenting little puppies by dressing them up in Christmas coats that won't fit them in just a few weeks!

It was also around this time that Miley found a new best friend.  The puppy in the mirror!  Watching her play with the mirror would crack me up every time!
Hopefully you're enjoying these pictures and videos as I slowly get caught up. :) I have a certain sassy-pants who is making it quite obvious that I've spent too much time on the computer.  Happy hump day everyone!

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Laura, Corgi, Toller, and Duck said...

So much cuteness!!!! How awesome that you got to spend that extra time with her in the beginning!

(And sadness that I fail the "i'm not a robot" checkmark test as often as I do)