Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Video

Continuing on with Miley's first week, I was pretty obsessed with this puppy.  And it wasn't difficult to be so.  She had all this personality wrapped up in this little package!  She did so many of the funniest things!  She was so willing to try new things and really wanted to interact and play.  And for crying out loud, she was a PUPPY!!  And I had a whole week off of work to do nothing but obsess over her.  Naturally, I took a lot of video and a lot of pictures.  In addition to the videos that I've already shared, I strung together a bunch more that I had taken.  I apologize in advance for the ones that are sideways.:-/  I have no idea how to correct that.  In this video are random clips of Miley playing, Miley in random sassy moments and Miley discovering the mirror.  Here ya go:

After Miley had about 24 hours to start settling in, I started introducing her to the dremmel.  Her toe nails had all been trimmed when she went in to get cropped so nail trimming wasn't a dire necessity.  But since I do tend to obsess over toe nails and I knew that getting her used to the dremmel was going to be a prolonged process, I started almost immediately.  The first day I just took her into the bathroom and treated her while the dremmel was turned on.  I did that probably three or four times that day.  The next day I started in to actually touching her toe nails.  My goal was to do one toe nail a day.  I knew it would be a slow process because I didn't want her to get stressed out or upset and it's a pretty weird sensation for them to get used to initially.  She definitely wasn't thrilled about it, but with lots of breaks and lots of treats after each time the dremmel touched the nail, we got through it.  So began the nail process.  We gradually moved up to doing two nails a day.  Then one paw a day.  Then two paws a day.  And now she's totally fine getting all four paws done at once.  The length of time spent at each phase grew longer the further we progressed.  I didn't want to rush things and have her build up a negative association.  She definitely liked getting the treats.  And she would readily of her own volition walk into the bathroom.  But once the process started, she would get twitchy.  Now she's pretty good about the whole process and really only gets twitchy on the second paw for some reason.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any video of her throughout the process.  It would have been really cool to clip it together and see the progression.  I do want to take some video of how she is now and especially what we're working on now, which is her holding a stay in the bedroom while I do Heffner's toe nails.  Her current favorite thing to try if not redirected, is to either sit on Heffner while he's getting his nails done.  Or squash herself in on the bed right next to him so that she can't be ignored by anyone.  We've been working on the down stay during this process and it's definitely coming along.  That's another process that I wish I had started video taping at the start so that I had something to compare it to now.  I'll try to remember with the next puppy. ;)

Tomorrow starts the all breed portion of the Rose City Classic and Miley and I are now off to bed so that we can get a nice early start to hopefully beat the morning traffic.  Happy hump day everyone!

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

She's so cute! How fun that you got to have a week off work when you brought her home!