Saturday, May 16, 2015

H and M - March and April 2015

Here we go again, work and life got busy and things have finally slowed down so that I have some time to get caught up.  It's actually to a point now where I almost don't know what to do with myself when I have a weekend where I don't have to schedule everything out so that I can fit it all in!  Then I remember all the little tasks that I've been neglecting because they're of lower importance and that momentary thought is gone.

While the east coast got thoroughly hammered by winter this year, we've had a pretty mild winter on the west coast.  In fact, we've had some very unseasonably warm and gorgeous days.  So nice that we had to take advantage of them and soak up some vitamin D in the back yard.  Heffner knows to really savor these moments. ;)  Miley occupies herself by running around the yard like a crazy girl with spring fever.  And I started doing some yard work.  Naturally, with a little help.....

When I first moved into this house almost three years ago, there were four saplings in the back yard.  Heffner very systematically went down the line and peed on them so frequently that they eventually died.  All four of them.  Once the saplings were dead, he then saw to the pruning of the no longer useful items himself.  You know, because he's considerate and likes to help me out. ;) I wasn't particularly attached to the trees, so I wasn't really bothered.  And after all, the whole point of me having a back yard is for the dogs' use, so eh, no biggie.  My dad has since planted an ornamental tree that he put a security boundary of posts and wire around so that Heffner's marking would not over saturate the tree.  My dad's a thinker. ;)

About mid March, Miley and I headed up near Tacoma, WA to volunteer at the Dane Outreach Education Day!  I've done this in the past with Bess and I was happy to do it again with Miley!  Our shtick is the core strengthening training that we've been doing.  Miley hasn't had nearly the time under her belt training on the equipment, but she was able to demo the general exercises well enough.  For all the pictures of Miley at the event you'll have to go to her Facebook page where I shared the pictures taken by photographer Stacie Knudtsen.  Miley had been progressing so well at home with her training, that I was a little surprised when we got to the facility and she was so easily distracted.  This is a dog who thrives on interaction with me.  I initially chalked it up to her age and the fact that we don't work on these exercises outside of the house or with other distractions going on.  She did a pretty good job, but not quite what I had expected out of her.  Within a few days, I realized what was really going on.  Miley came into season for the first time.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

It suddenly made so much more sense!  Being easily distracted, general lack of focus and a girl who had a general lack of "brain" that I wasn't used to.  Hello hormones!  As with pretty much everything Miley, her first heat was really pretty easy.  She had a lack of focus and was a little more emotional, but otherwise she was still pretty good.  I could even leave her loose in the house over night and she'd leave her boxers on!  Heffner was mildly interested in her, but nothing over the top.  And Miley thankfully wasn't a hussy, so I didn't have to separate the dogs during this time like I had to with Heffner and Bess once Bess got to the point where she wouldn't stop throwing her butt up in his face.  Who knows, maybe Miley will get that bad in subsequent heats.  Maybe this one is just an innocent one.

Towards the end of March, and while Miley was in season, I had her entered in a dog show.  No points for her, though she is starting to mature and come into herself more.  I did learn what her limit is on showing.  There was a double specialty on Friday and by the second show, she had really had it with standing still and focusing on what I wanted her to.  She was still well behaved, but she was antsy and getting easily bored.  Overall, she handled it well and as always, I was pleased with her.  We also had a guest at the time.  A friend of mine's bitch had also come into season and her handler had a bunch of boys with her for the show.  Nothing drives intact boy dogs crazy quite like a close by bitch in season!  She asked if her girl could stay with me for the weekend of the show and I accepted.  Phoebe was the easiest guest that we have ever had!  So well behaved!  Heffner initially wasn't thrilled, but he got over that.  Miley also turned one year old on the very last day of March!!  My baby girl is really growing up!

Going into April we were seeing some absolutely gorgeous days!  The dogs and I were having serious spring fever and were getting out hiking as much as we could.  And with the longer day light hours, we got to start doing week day light hikes!!

Admittedly, with running around and trying to focus on spending quality time with the dogs, I wasn't taking as many pictures.  I took a bunch of pictures that were just for me and I am jealously hoarding them.  But I do have a bunch of pictures to share already from the month of May.  As well as some updating that needs to be done.  As always, I hope that everyone out there is doing well and thanks for hanging in there with this sporadic blogger.

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Jennifer said...

Heffner is handsome as always and Miley is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the update and of course I had to go and "like" Miley's FB so I can stalk, I mean, occasionally look at her pictures LOL