Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miley and Tito

On Mother's Day, I took Miley down to my parents' in Silverton so that we could relax, I could get in some family time and Miley could get to meet my sister's mixed breed puppy, Tito.  She'd sent me some pictures of him, but could this little mutt really be as cute in person as he was in pictures?  Oh dear lord yes!  And not intimidated by Miley's size AT ALL!  They were natural buddies and my sister and I were both looking forward to pups who were going to sleep soundly that night and give us a little peace. ;)

There was the initial butt sniffing and "sizing" each other up.  Then quickly came the play.

At which point we decided that this was too much energy to be contained in the house.  So outside we went!

Eventually, everyone needed a break.

Wondering why Jazz, my parents' golden retriever, is tired?  That's because he got to deal with Miley when she first got there.....

To be fair, I had taken Miley out into the tall grass in an attempt to take the edge off her energy....

She just has a looooooong edge.....;)

It was a great trip though and the pups all played well.  Miley was thrilled to have someone to play with in Tito.  And, much to Jazz's dismay, was also thrilled to have someone to herd.  I REALLY wish that I had caught the initial interplay between Jazz and Miley on video.  Even I was surprised by how quickly she corners and adjusts to who she's chasing!  Thankfully, I did manage to capture a little bit of Miley and Tito on video.

Judging by the number of toys that have been brought and dropped at my feet, it's now time to entertain the puppy.  Happy Thursday, and thank goodness it's almost the weekend!!

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