Friday, June 26, 2015


Last week, was awesome! :) I was in Bend, OR for about three days for a work related conference.  The conference was great and I really enjoyed it.  I got to stay in a great hotel, that I didn't have to pay for.  Ate food that I got reimbursed for and sampled 10 of the awesome breweries (10 is significant because my coworker and I were doing the Bend Ale Trail and were bound and determined to get that pint glass!) in the area.  One of the days I got to go on a fun hike with a friend of mine who lives in the area.  And Miley was very well taken care of while I was there, which meant that I could fully relax and enjoy myself. :)

As it turns out, my parents make excellent Miley sitters!  Not terribly surprising considering they already have a dog of their own, and they are my parents after all. ;) While I got to play in Bend, she got to play at my parents where she always had at least Jazz, their golden retriever, to play with.  Plus my dad is retired and my mom is off for the summer.  Which meant that she had at least two people around to lavish her with attention.  And my parents live on a gorgeous 5 acre lot, so lots of room for her to stretch her legs.  I actually think that she was a little bored once we got home and she was all rested up.

Saturday morning we were in Canby, OR for a dog show.  Miley was a little squirrely, but otherwise good.  She won her class with no competition and behaved herself in the Winners Bitch ring, but no points for her.  Which is still alright since she's still got some maturing left to do.  After the dog show, we both took a nap and then I went about the business of getting things back in order around the house after being out of town for a few days.

The next morning we were back at it with the hiking.  Things were slightly over cast, but it was still a gorgeous view. :)

Now we're full on into this ridiculously hot weather.  Mother Nature is apparently pissed and she wants EVERYONE to know.  I'm thankful that I've got air conditioning, but I've got plans for a little outdoor entertainment to hopefully help Miley and I stay cool without having to drive any where.  More to come!

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