Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight I find myself very content with my dogs and where we're at. Things are moving along in a direction that makes me happy and I feel like my dogs are also happy. Then again, they generally are when I include them in whatever I'm doing. It was a really nice and relaxing drive home from agility class tonight. I need to bottle this feeling!

Today I also had a little discussion with my husband regarding stress management. Something that is a recurring thing with me. I am the MASTER at finding ways to stress out about things. Trust me! More importantly, I really need to figure out a way to better manage my stress at work. It's become this horrible ugly thing that's just not making me happy. However, my schedule is such that I'm not really into looking into a class or an activity that would theoretically help me manage my stress levels. I am, however, looking into things that I can do at home to help. And naturally, I'm looking into ways to incorporate the dogs. Studies have already shown that pets can lower blood pressure. I also just generally feel less stressed when I'm hanging out with the dogs. So I've started doing some reading, and I'm going to incorporate a little schedule for stress reduction into the daily routine. I'll have a whole separate post on it later, once I get things figured out, have implemented the plan, and can actually report on how I think it's going.:)

That's all for tonight. Just happy thoughts.:) Did I mention that I get to go play agility again this weekend with friends??:)

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Kennedy said...

:) Yay for an agility and friends filled weekend. Go giant breed dogs in Albany! Oh, and I think we need to arm wrestle over the "stress master" title. ;)