Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here It Comes!!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I managed to get the beginnings of a lovely head cold on that day, and now I'm feeling pretty miserable. But not miserable enough to not take some time to post while I'm curled up on the couch with the dogs (the wonderfulness of laptops!!).

I don't have a whole lot to catch up on even though it's been a week since my last post. We had a very thankfully quiet weekend following the big holiday. Bess and I did have a drill team practice on Sunday. It got pretty cold and our group made it through an hour of practice before we packed everything up.

Last night I was bound and determined to head out to Portland International Raceway (PIR) for the holiday light show. For one day each year they close the track to vehicles and you can bring your dog out and walk the track. While we have yet to have a year with actually good weather in the past five years that I've done this, I still look forward to it! And in true Pacific Northwest fashion, it rained on us. We made it through, but we were totally soaked. My friend Rene (our drill team choreographer) and her husband came along with to help walk a dog. Because of the lighting and my camera, conditions were not perfect for snapping off a ton of pictures, but I did nab a few!

And just in case you're wondering (because I got asked this a LOT last night), the lights that I put on the dogs are battery powered and I bought them at Michael's for $3 or $4 a set. They work out pretty nicely! And this year I was smarter. I brought duct tape along to help secure the battery packs. The packs get heavy once there's actually batteries in them and it becomes difficult to keep everything securely on the dogs as you're walking. So I taped the packs to the dogs' collars.:) I just need to find a way to secure the end of the string to the collar as well to keep them front unravelling.

I also have a couple of pictures of the dogs from the AKC trial that I finally scanned in. Joe Camp takes some really nice pictures! The one of Bess is just too hilarious to pass up!!

As many people may have realized, today is November 30. Which just happens to be the day before December 1. Which just happens to be my most favorite month out of the whole year!! I'm a little bit excited.:) I started decorating the house right after Thanksgiving this year and I have found it so much less stressful to start decorating early than to wait until December 1st and then try to blow through it in a hurry.

I was originally throwing around the idea of not doing the daily Christmas pictures with the dogs this year. I wasn't going to say anything. Just not do them. However, I had some people start asking if I was going to do them and then I started feeling guilty for some reason for planning on skipping it. So I'm going to shoot for doing the daily Christmas pictures again this year! Again, no guarantees that I'll make it through the whole 25 days, but I'm going to try. I started making up a list a couple weeks ago and I think I've got my bases covered. We'll see. And we'll see how "cooperative" the dogs are.;)


brooke said...

After last year I couldn't wait for December to roll around to see more holiday shots of the dogs! :) But no pressure, if you don't have time because of work (work shmurk) then we'll understand!

Love that picture of Bess! Her ears are totally horizontal! And I love Heff's flying jowl!

Catalina said...

Oh my word! Those light leis are AWESOME! Such a neat idea!

houndstooth said...

The dogs look awesome all lit up! I wish we had an event like that near here!

Sam said...

Somehow, I don't think a smaller dog could pull off those awesome lights! Really cool little canine decoration. :)

And I LOVE the weave photos of Bess and Hef!