Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Agile IWS!! This is a blog about a woman who shows and competes with Irish Water Spaniels. Two of her IWS have garnered the coveted MACH title for agility. Not only that, but they are both finished conformation champions! That is a fete that I can definitely appreciate given the pressures that can build in the conformation ring to finish an animal and the time that it potentially can take away from training and competing. And just to stir things up a bit, she recently added a border collie puppy to the mix! So head on over and check out the blog!

I have just a little Ruthie update. Things are going along splendidly with her! She's such a happy little girl to have around. Who knew that I would enjoy having a small dog so much?! We're slowly starting to work on a variety of basic behaviors and she's catching on. Naturally I'm videoing most of it. I'm also going to try and take little random videos of her. She has the cutest vertical jump when she's super happy that I have GOT to get on a cue! I LOVE it! I did a little training of the dogs last night with all three in the same room. Ruthie was in her carrier just in case Heffner decided to get snarky. I didn't think he would when he was in training mode, and he didn't. He's slowly warming up to her, but I'm not entirely sure that he realizes she's a dog. I did remove both Heffner and Bess when I took Ruthie out to train. Since I don't have as much of a connection built up with her, I wanted to remove as many extraneous distractions as possible. I also started switching her over to raw last night. So far so good! Granted, we are only on ground turkey right now and the big test is switching over to whole chunks of meet and adding in some bone. I picked up some chicken feet yesterday and I meant to give her one in her crate this morning when I left for work, but I totally forgot. I'm going to try tomorrow. She also slept through the entire night last night and made it all the way until 5:30am this morning!! Woot! Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by saying this, but we haven't had a single accident inside the house since the very first time she was put in her crate on Saturday. Double woot!!

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