Sunday, June 5, 2011

Riddle Me This

Bess increased her kill count tonight on our little hike by one rabbit. That brings her to a grand total of two rabbits and one duck. On the up side, this time around she killed it quickly and I didn't have to hear that awful screaming. Just a little bit of squeaking and then nothing. Bess was really pissed when I pulled it out of her mouth finally and wouldn't let her eat it. I'm a little paranoid about parasites and who knows what else wild critters might carry. The elk that my dad gave me for the dogs had already been through a butchers and then sat in the freezer for four weeks before I let the dogs have any. So I'm a little leery about letting her provide for herself when we're out and about.

What befuddles me is the fact that when I've given her store bought rabbit previously, she flat out turned her nose up at it. Acted like it was the most vile thing that I had put in her dish and couldn't believe that I expected her to eat it. Tonight though, she was all about trying to wolf that thing down! Aside from the obvious fact that I don't feed my dogs enough, WTF? Crazy bitches!


Mango said...

Fresh is always better. Hehehe.

Mango Momma

Schnauzer Days said...

Well done Bess on doing what comes naturally, our human would probably be the same and not let us have it - maybe she'll make you a toy from the fur skin ;-) Dex & Lou x

Kennedy said...

LOL. It's the prey component that makes it irresistible. I think I told you the last time I fed Vegas rabbit she gagged it down like, "Fine, since this is what's for dinner and you're not giving me any choice." Then she promptly threw it up for me. No more rabbit in our house.