Saturday, November 26, 2011

Civil War!

It's Civil War time folks! Today the Oregon State Beavers play the University of Oregon Ducks! Our little family bleeds black and orange since Adam and I both graduated from Oregon State. My dad also graduated from OSU as did Adam's dad and mom and several other members of his family. Our roots run deep for our school and we'll be rooting them on today! (even though the odds aren't looking terribly good in our favor)

And since I didn't have any Civil War worthy pictures of all three dogs, I decided to have a little mini photo shoot to hopefully get just the right picture. Of course, getting the "perfect" picture of all three dogs can be an exercise in extreme patience. But for whatever reason, all three dogs decided to humor me today and behaved very well for their pictures. Even The Midget, who is fond of pretending that she doesn't understand what "stay" means.;0) I was pretty pleased with how the above picture turned out! Naturally there are additional photos.:)

The Midget is NOT amused. Are they wrist guards or are they leg warmers???
Since I wasn't exactly sure how well I was going to be able to get all three dogs to hold still with the props I had in mind, I shot the pictures in stages. Here's the first group shot without any props other than Ruthie's "leg warmers."
Almost forgot the cute Beaver football, which Heffner and Ruthie thought was a stuffie for them.
Heffner had the distinction of being the one stuck wearing the hat.
And the final product is the one at the top of the post.:0) The flag that Bess is holding is one of those car flags that sits in the window. I warmed her up with it separately and gave her lots of praise for first putting her mouth on it and then for holding it. It was really awkward for her to hold. It's heavier on one end and the "bar" itself is oddly shaped so that it's not terribly conveniently shaped to fit in her mouth. The diameter is about right though. She's been used to working with her wooden dumbbell, so going back to plastic was also a little weird for her at first. Once she realized that she would get a lot of praise and cookies for holding it, she adjusted. Though I think she has a new found appreciation for her dumbbell.;0)

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