Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Monday

Ack!! Falling behind again!! I still have posts about the national specialty that I would like to finish. And the danes and I just had a CPE agility weekend. If I don't stay on top of my posts for competition weekends, I inevitably get very behind. Since that time has passed, I will summarize by saying that overall we had a good weekend. Sunday was better than Saturday. Even when I wasn't keeping it together, the dogs were. Bess had some zoomies on Saturday morning, but thankfully that was the last of it. On Saturday both dogs qualified in Jumpers only. On Sunday Heffner Qed in Standard, Wildcard, and Colors. Bess qualified in Wildcard and Colors. No Standard Q due to vaulting off the A-frame and completely skipping the down contact. Ug! Otherwise, it was a very good weekend!

And now for Movie Monday!! Today's clip is actually pretty short. It's a little compilation of Ruthie on the A-frame and dog walk. She hasn't done a lot with them and I'm really pleased with how well she's doing them so far! Next month we introduce the teeter and we'll see what she thinks of that. So far her response to the contact equipment has been that she doesn't really see it as anything different other than it's easier to run along the dog walk than it is to run in the dirt.;0)

Happy Monday everyone!!

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