Monday, June 3, 2013

The "P" Word

In my life, I need a lot of this:

I would love it if I could have these guys, forever:

But barring some crazy discoveries within the next couple of years and me finding myself a nice sugar daddy, that's not going to happen.  I love being able to go hiking where ever I want, at whatever time I choose.  The dogs are ALWAYS more than willing to go any where with me.  Heffner, as my self appointed chaperon, feels that he MUST accompany me every where.  I'm okay with that. :) But as I've already mentioned, I need to start thinking ahead so that I have a running and hiking partner to take these guys' places when the time comes.  And what that means is the dreaded, but oh so eagerly anticipated "P" word; PUPPY!!

I don't know how many times I've mentioned on here that I really want a puppy.  I know it's not nearly as many times as I've uttered that sentence "in real life."  Heffner was the only one of the three that I've had as a puppy.  Bess would have been insane and hilarious as a puppy I'm sure, but I got her at 11 months, and am very happy that I did.  Judging by Ruthie's entertaining antics now and what I've seen of other frenchie puppies, I'm pretty sure I would have died from the cuteness and hilarity of having her as a puppy.  I'm also not entirely sure that I would be up to the task of house breaking a frenchie puppy. ;) And because of all of that and a whole lot more, I'm really looking forward to having a puppy again.

Yeah, it's going to be a freaking house full.  Yes, it's going to be a lot of work.  And yes, I will hands down be the craziest dog lady within a mile radius of my house (at least), but I also really want it.  I can't stress enough how I would have my guys forever if I could with them remaining themselves and sound of mind and body.  But who doesn't LOVE the idea of a puppy!!  Especially a great dane?!  Oh yeah, did I mention that it'll be another dane.  That's probably a little key when factoring in the crazy dog lady status. ;)

I've had some fantastic opportunities already present themselves, but the timing hasn't really been right.  There are projects that I want to do around the house and that means time and more importantly, money.  So I'm getting some stuff taken care of this year so that next year can be all about the puppy!  2014 is about as long as I think I can put it off.  I won't be able to start jogging with the puppy until she's at least a year and a half.  Hiking can happen before that, but the lengthier hikes will take a little longer.  This means that by the time puppy is ready to take on the responsibility of being my exercise buddy, Heffner and Bess will be at least 9 and 8 respectively.  Great danes don't have the longest life spans, so I think you can start to see why next year is about as long as I can put it off.

So many fun things to think about!  There's agility equipment that I'll need to have my dad and good friend of mine help me build so that I can start training and getting her used to that from the get go.  There's figuring out exactly who the parents are going to be (I've narrowed down the breeders, but the parents aren't figured out yet).  And figuring out how I'm going to juggle the introduction and rotations of everyone.  I'm sure Ruthie is just going to LOVE having another giant added into the household, and a puppy at that. ;)  The thought of starting over with a clean slate when it comes to training is really exciting.  Thinking about all the pictures and videos that will ensue!!  OMG!!  Puppy breath!!!  Okay, okay....calming down.  Puppies are a lot of work....but soooooooooooo cute!!

So there's my solution to the reality that my loves are getting older.....annoying the heck out of them with a puppy! lol

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend!  And if you're still reading at this point, I'm thinking that I'd like to put together another little video blog again.  I only did the one before falling off the wagon.  So send your questions my way either via comments or email (on the sidebar) to give me some ideas for material.  Happy Monday!!


Taricha and Nyx said...

Good luck on the Puppy Hunt! We came to the same conclusion recently... it was time for a puppy, despite the extra work involved, we wanted to do it. Now our pack is one dog bigger and we love every moment of it as Im sure all of you will too!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

*squealing excitedly* I'm so excited for you! I too am currently planning my next Toller puppy. My current plan though is about a year from now so 3yrs from now the puppy would hopefully be old enough to start trialing and that fits right.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm soooo excited that you're thinking of a puppy!! And I'm even more excited that it'll be another Dane. My next will also be a malamute and I have the breeder narrowed down, and she thinks she has the parents picked. Unfortunately she isn't breeding until next year so I have a whole bunch of time to drive myself crazy with excitement :)

Kathie R said...

Yes, puppies are awesome! We've had our new Dane puppy for three weeks now, and I can't stop smiling : ) The cuteness factor is overwhelming! Good luck with your puppy search.