Thursday, November 24, 2016

August Wrap Up

August was another busy month.  There was some training going on as I could fit it in.  There was definitely some hiking going on.  I need that just as much as the dogs do.  And there were just some random entertaining moments.  For instance, how Dominic earned the nickname Demolition Dominic.  It all started one calm seeming morning.  With the weather so nice in the mornings, I would open up the door to the garage and then out into the back yard so that the dogs could burn off some energy by chasing each other around and come and go in the house as they pleased.  As I was making up my lunch for work, I heard a crash in the back yard and both dogs came tearing into the house.  Miley went straight for my bedroom and refused to come out.  Dominic peeked his head around the hallway corner to look back the way they had come.  Two thoughts crossed my mind.  1) I bet this is the morning that they finally bust through the poor fence. 2) Why is Dom wet?


Apparently, as the dogs were racing each other around the back yard, Dom rammed into the 5 gallon bucket of water that I keep out there for them to drink out of, and busted the thing.  I should have gotten a closer picture of the poor bucket, this picture doesn't do it full justice.  It was shattered in various places down to about an inch from the bottom.  As you can see, water got sprayed up on the fence as well as on Dominic.  I assume Dominic is the one who broke it since he was the one who was wet and also has a habit of NOT looking in the direction he is travelling.  But wait there's more!

That darling little puppy came tearing into the house with such force that as he very rapidly rounded coming in from the garage, he managed to pull the wood panelling away from the wall.  I seriously have no FREAKING clue how that happened!  I was there.  I saw the dogs come tearing in.  I don't know how he did it!  And he didn't manage to get a single scratch on him.  Thankfully.  I hadn't exactly anticipated on repairing a portion of my wall and cleaning up a broken bucket that morning, so I was naturally running late for work.  Made for an entertaining story that ended with "freaking puppies!"

Dog wise, the rest of the month passed pretty peacefully with a lot of the usual for us.  Which for me, is always a good thing. :)

I did have a work trip to Chicago for a week towards the end of the month that was amazing!  The conference was great, my poster presentation went well, and Chicago is an amazing city!  By the end of the week though, I was definitely ready to return home to the panther and the deer. :) 

I didn't take a ton of videos throughout the month, but I did put together a few snippets of what I did capture.  Moments of the dogs just being themselves, a demonstration of what happens when I try to stretch on the floor after a morning run if I leave them loose (I now do all my stretching in the garage, with the door firmly shut) and some tidbits of Miley doing some pivot work.  Caveat to the pivot work section, at the time I hadn't been working with Dom on maintaining a down stay loose in the house while I worked with Miley, so he's in his crate to prevent him from constantly interrupting.  I did finally get around to working with him on that particular behavior and you'll see in future videos, at some point, that he is successfully staying on the dog bed while Miley gets worked.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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