Saturday, November 26, 2016

October Wrap Up

October was a fun month.  I had planned on getting Miley spayed and gastropexied at the beginning of it.  My mental math at the time put her due to go into season again at the beginning of November.  As it turns out, I was remembering incorrectly.  She was due at the beginning of October (something I actually didn't realize until I started updating the blog!) and like clock work, she came into season.  I cancelled the spay and got ready to hunker down for a potentially irritating three weeks.  I have never had an intact male at the same time that I've had an intact female, let alone while the female is in season.  Thankfully Dominic was still young enough that he didn't completely lose it.  Actually, for the first week and a half things were going pretty smoothly.  Other than a lot of sniffing from him, I could still let them hang out together in the house while supervised.  Then the part of the cycle hit, as it always does, where the girls become undeniable.  Dominic never went off his food, but it did get to the point where I put an x-pen up to divide the house.  And eventually I was keeping them at opposite ends of the house and out of each others' sight.  Under ordinary circumstances, I would have felt bad keeping them separated like that and splitting my time between the two.  At the time, though, both of their brains were so hormone addled that all Miley wanted to do was lay down and be mopey and all Dominic wanted to do was be in constant motion while he tried to comprehend what his body was doing.  It was a bit much at times.  There were a couple nights of mournful howling.  It's a little fuzzy now whether I was part of that.  But we made it through.  And now have Miley's wonderful false pregnancy to live through.....

Also in October, I got some family photos back that we had taken in the spring.  The photographer is a friend of mine, Danielle of HOW Pictures. :) She does a great job of capturing moments that will melt your heart.  This photo shoot was without exception.  Here are a few of our pictures:

And with October being the Halloween month and this being Dominic's first Halloween, naturally I had a little fun with him. ;)

We also managed to fit in a little Christmas card shoot!  But those pictures are going to have to wait until December. ;) While a chunk of the month was preoccupied with juggling the hormones swirling in my house, I did take a little bit of video.  Here are some of the random moments I caught:

And the biggest news of today, THE OREGON STATE BEAVERS BEAT THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON DUCKS!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

I did a little then and now on Instagram...

I could not for the life of me find my OSU flag, but I guess that just gives us goals for next year! Some of our previous Civil Ware moments can be found here and here.  Happy weekend everyone!

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