Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Day Continued

Of late, I have a tendency to really pack in my schedule.  To the point where I actually have to schedule out when I'm going to go grocery shopping each week.  The scheduling of all things has become a habit and has transferred over to my time with the dogs.  I schedule out how their daily training sessions are going to go, what we're going to do for training and exercise on which days and so on and so forth.  Overall this doesn't seem like such a bad thing, but my god, when your entire life becomes a bunch of things that need to be scheduled, it can get to be a bit much.  At least it can for me.

Now enter our home bound snow weekend.  Yes I have a capable four wheel drive truck that I could get around in if I needed to.  But I haven't needed to.  So I've stayed at home.  I didn't even need to go into work at all this weekend.  Because of the weather, ALL of my plans for this weekend have been cancelled.  It's amazing!  I took advantage of this unexpected free weekend to not plan or schedule in ANYTHING.  I feel like being a bum on the couch?  Done! I feel like making waffles with red velvet cake mix?  So totally done!  (side note:  I don't recommend overfilling the waffle maker with the cake mix.  It makes a bloody mess on the counter.  See what I did there? ;) ) I have done ZERO training with the dogs.  Zero.  And felt zero guilt for it as well.  I took full advantage of this snow weekend to absolve myself of the routine scheduling of my days as well as the resulting guilt that usually comes with not scheduling everything out.  It's been glorious!

This morning, after I got the email officially notifying me that I wouldn't be needing to go into work this morning, I opted for curling up in bed with the dogs.  Just as I was wrapping myself in the warm fuzziness of how great it was to curl up with my two munchkins on a chilly, snowy weekend morning, Dominic popped me in the eye with his paw.  Thanks for keeping it real bro.  I feel like that moment belongs on one of those expectations versus reality memes.  

Granted, the dogs are starting to climb the walls a bit, but being a slacker this weekend has totally been the mental health time that I needed.  We'll get back to regular training tomorrow.  Barring the weather continuing to poop out, I've got a private lesson with Miley and we'll do more of our normal Monday night training routine.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy more of these red velvet waffles and probably aim to do some oggling of Captain America later tonight.  I did do something productive today and put together a few clips of training bloopers from videos I have sitting around.  

Happy weekend everyone!!

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Very cool video! Great job! :)
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