Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snowpocalypse 2017 - Or Enough Of This Already!!

I'm looking at the last few things I've posted about and for crying out loud, the damn snow is in all of them!  Enough already!  Can we please stop with the bloody Game Of Thrones (props to you if you actually read that series before it was ever made into the show and subseqently became popular.  And if you did, lets chat about other authors, such as Robert Jordan, who are much better.) "winter is coming" reference already?!?!  Enough is enough!

But seriously guys.  We got a lot of snow.  I realize I was complaining about how the city shuts down with one inch.  And then there was the freezing rain incident.  But this was serious snow.  Depending on where you measured in my yard, I had between 6-8".  There were 10" at work.  And other areas saw a foot or more.  All of that happened in less than 24 hours.  Actually, it all happened in slightly more than 12 hours.  It was nuts.  For that I will agree that the city shutting down was appropriate.  Actually, I feel like there was less chaos this time around than there was for the last major winter "incident" that resulted in people having 5+ hour commutes.  So props to that.  I'm also still really pleased with how my city handles the snow and actually plows/sands the major roads.  That was much appreciated.

But I digress.  ENOUGH WITH THE WINTER IS COMING JOKES!!!  It's already flipping here and a lot of us are tired of dealing with it!

In order to calm my rage at something that is not substantial enough to kick in the proverbial gonads, I took pictures.  And video.  I put together a little video of snippets of Miley and Dominic's Snowpocalypse 2017 fun.  And I truly hope that this is the last time I use the term snowpocalypse or snowmageddon for at least the rest of this year.

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