Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Monday

I've got a few videos to get caught up on, but before I get into that, I am finally getting ready to actually do the video blog that I mentioned previously as a supposed monthly goal. For reals this time! Before I get into dorking around with that, I was wondering if anyone out there reading this blog had any questions that they would like me to answer in the vlog? If you've got a question, something that you want me to explain about my dogs, or an idea, shoot them my way!!

Now for the videos. I've got some agility videos and some Beginner Novice videos for Bess that I haven't gotten around to posting as of yet. In each of these cases, Kennedy has been gracious enough to video us! Now lets see if I can get these in order.

Here is Bess' first BN leg after a very loooooong day at the expo center:

Bess' BN leg #2:

Bess' JWW and Standard runs from February 4th:

Dorking around in FAST:

And finally the big boy in Standard:

Phew! I feel better having gotten all of that caught up! And I even managed to get a training video put together for Thursday!! Happy Monday everyone!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Yay for agility videos! I am such an addict and I could watch them all day.
I've never seen a FAST course before, not sure if we have them in Canada. It looks like fun, though. You must be so proud of all your success!