Friday, February 3, 2012

Hooray for Weekends!!

I'm not sure what it was about this week, but it left me feeling pretty well wiped out (which is part of the reason why this post is going to jump around a bit). So much so that I actually reset my alarm by an hour this morning and completely skipped working the dogs. I feel pretty guilty about it, but it was some much needed sleep! I am most definitely looking forward to the weekend!! Tomorrow I'll be at an AKC agility trial with the big dogs. Then on Sunday we're hosting a little Super Bowl gathering at our house that comes complete with my husband opening bottles of champagne with his newly purchased sword (yes.....a sword to be exact). Which will most likely be followed by me making a 911 call because he has severed a finger in the process.
Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I could only manage to put in a half day at work and cut out to take all three dogs on a little hike. The hike was fantastic and soooooooo what the doctor ordered!! In the Pacific Northwest we normally have fairly mild winters by comparison to most parts of the US. This year it has been exceptionally so. We had temperatures in the 50's with hardly a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. Now you know it's a gorgeous day if I'm actually happy about a lack of clouds in the sky.;0) Things have been dry enough that I was able to bring Ruthie along and she powered through the two hour plus hike. She's a beast of a midget!
And if you'll notice, I've added my contact information to the right side of the blog. I've been pondering that one. This past year Blogger went through some problems where people weren't able to post comments on various blogs. And while I think I've fixed that problem, I didn't have any way of knowing for sure if people didn't have a way to contact me and let me know. I wasn't comfortable with putting my personal email out there for anyone on the internet to see, so I created an email address just for this blog.:0) So if you're reading this and haven't been able to post comments or questions or you have a question about something but don't want to necessarily put it in the comments section, feel free to shoot me an email!
At our obedience club meeting on Wednesday I volunteered to be the chief ring steward for our club's March match! I had already volunteered to be a ring steward, but they were in need of a chief ring steward and I have been meaning to try taking on a little more responsibility at the matches and trials. And since this is only a match and any potential screw ups that I make won't ruin someone's run or tick off a judge (though that is still possible at a match!), now is as good a time as any! I still need to verify if people who are not members of the club can help out with the match, but if you're interested in joining an awesome obedience club, learning more about competing in obedience, or just want to have a good time and help out, shoot an email my way!!
And finally, I think I mentioned that I wanted to do a weekly update with anyone who was participating in the Idita Walk and/or pedometer challenge. How are things going? Has anyone signed up to do the Idita Walk? Anyone wanting to join in on the pedometer challenge? I know that it's only been a little more than two full days for the challenge, but I'll post where I'm at so far.

Idita Walk minutes so far: 208 minutes (not counting anything that I've done today)

Pedometer Challenge Daily Total:
Wednesday - 15,219 steps
Thursday - 23,141

I'll leave you with the rest of the pictures that I took on our hike yesterday.:0)


matt said...

looks like an exciting trip for all the dogs...i wish my pit motley and i had more places around like this

Jennifer H. said...

I wish we had more hiking areas out here. The dogs LOVE it but we just don't have alot available that isn't overcrowded with people and their dogs offleash.

And Ruthie looks so TINY in the pics. LOL!! She is entirely too cute.

dogsforlife said...

Lovely scenic walk, your dogs look happy and relaxed. We love walking our dogs too.