Thursday, February 16, 2012

Training Thursday

I actually got a video put together!! I combined the "extreme" hand touch trick and the catching treats from mouth trick into one video. Slowly but surely all three dogs were building in enthusiasm for jumping to touch my hand. With further practice I'm pretty confident that I could continue to build their enthusiasm for it.

The catching the treat from my mouth part was pretty hilarious. The first time that I tried it I got a variety of responses from the dogs. Bess tried to hop up and get it from my mouth. Heffner's initial timing was off and he started snapping at just the air. And poor Ruthie. She started to develop a complex that I was just spitting things at her and she started to actually flinch. She never got to the point where I could get her to look up and try to catch the treat before it hit the ground.

Here's the video:

The next trick of the week is going to be teaching your dog to back up away from you. Shoot for whatever distance you want to. Bess already offers this at times, so I'm going to shoot high and say I want her to back up the length of the upstairs hallway. Heffner doesn't offer this already, so I'm going to shoot for getting him to take at least three steps backwards away from me. And I haven't even taught Ruthie to back up yet. So I'm going to be conservative with her and say that I want her to get to a point where she's backing up a step away from me. Good luck!


Ximena said...

Wow -- So I know that I was supposed to be focusing on whichever dog was in the middle of the room, but wow -- so impressed with your crew's down-stay while another is working! You must've worked on it tons to get it to that level!

You've got awesome clicker mechanics!

And HOLY BUCKETS Heffner is a LOT of dog to have anticipating a mouth-spat treat!

I loved this video -- you sound so much like me when I'm training Elli. Commenting on all the missing spat treats, the Good Catches, the happy voice, and the apologies plus giggles. So much like me, hah.

Lindsay said...

Thanks!!:) I am particularly proud of their down stays.:)

I sometimes wonder if I talk too much while training. But most of the time I can't help it. And the treat catching was just too funny!!

matt said...

good luck with all the pups!! im sure they will catch on quick!

Also ive selected your blog for the Leibster Award!! For more info on the Award visit