Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

Since I missed doing Blogger Tuesday last week, I figured I'd catch up a bit and do two blogs this week! In case you haven't noticed my pattern yet, I try to alternate between doing a dane blog and doing a blog from another breed. Keeps things interesting.;) This post is also coming a bit earlier than normal because I stayed home sick today. I'm feeling a fair bit under the weather and not even sure that I'm going to make it out for Heffner's agility class tonight. Which is a huge bummer because we have and AKC trial on Fri. and Sat. and we could use the practice! Oh well, we'll see how I'm feeling as the day progresses.

My pick for last week is Chihuahuas Are Not Sheep! I LOVE this blog! Totally cracks me up! It's about the life and times of three chihuahuas and a border collie. Their mom has a fabulous way of writing that makes every post very enjoyable. This post in particular had me laughing out loud!

My pick for this week is the PR Gang! I knew of these guys from a dane board that I used to frequent. It wasn't until more recently that I found out they have a blog too!:) And as you can imagine, they've got some BEAUTIFUL scenery to show off in their picks. Makes my guys a wee bit jealous!


Abbey@Pink Daisy Designs said...

Will check the first site shortly. I gotta admit I love PR Gang just for the brilliant scenery & colours they have. So different from my own country...

Welcome Home :)

The PR Gang said...

Why thank you Lindsay! We hope you're feeling better and can make it to agility tonight. So much fun but not if you're sick.
We love reading your blog. Always lots of interesting stuff.

*Our site keeps coming up with a warning about Malware. I have verified with google that everything is OK. I just wish they'd take the warning away. Just in case you were worried about visiting us.