Monday, October 12, 2009

Product of the Month

My pick for Product of the Month is the X-Back harness by Alpine Outfitters! This is the pulling harness that I use with both of my dogs for the various activities that we do where they're hooked up to something. These harnesses hold up incredibly well and I've had no problems with any parts of them rubbing my dogs raw. Because great danes aren't the typical northern breed that you see out there doing a lot of the various pulling sports, I had both of my guys actually fitted for their harnesses by a member of their company. You might think that a custom fit harness would be a lot more expensive than a ready made one, but I think that it only cost an extra dollar or two. Definitely a really great deal! And you can even get your dog's name on the harness!!

I do spell Heffner with two f's, but there was a misprint on the original form that I never got fixed (the harness in the above picture is also a little big on Heffner and we've since had it modified so that it fits better).


Kennedy said...

I ordered mine yesterday! Soooo excited! Not quite so exciting as Bess' purple cause I ordered in black so it'd match the tug line, but it will have her name on it, too!

The Army of Four said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Nice to "meet" you. ;)
Those harnesses look great - and how wonderful to have them custom-fitted!
Are you guys really Siberians with Great Dane suits on? HA woo, you look ready to PULL!
PS: Stormy calls me a Lab in a Sibe suit, but my vet says I'm more like her Great Dane. I thought she said "Great DAVE". Wooooo!

Abbey said...

Isnt it great (especially with dogs.. and big ones) to get something that is value for money (instead of twice the price) and a company that will go that little extra for you..

we use a great company here, mainly for the dogs back packs but we get the same kind of service and value... cant wait to see what your two get up to in their new harness's the material reflective ??

I had a link once for a group that used Danes with carts but Ive lost it long ago.. will try to find it

Lindsay said...

I don't think that they're intentionally reflective. Bess' reflects more than Heffner's does, but not a whole lot.

We're totally looking forward to the skijoring season coming up!!