Sunday, October 4, 2009

Collars of the Month

I had a bit of a dilema for my choice of Collar of the Month for October. On the one hand, it's October and I really should pick a Halloween collar. On the other hand, I got these seriously awesome collars from Kennedy that I really can't wait any longer to show off! So this month, I'm featuring two (technically three) collars!!

The first collar is made by The Cozy Critter. I have ordered several collars from this company and have loved them all! The collars hold up well with wear and tear and lots of washing (especially when Bess rolls in something nasty and the collar has to get washed several times). And there are a plethora of different fabric options to choose from in many different styles! And the prices are very reasonable to boot. For anyone interested, I happen to have a coupon code for $5 off if you want to place an order online. The coupon code is haunted and expires 10-31.

The next collars that I want to show case are absolutely FABULOUS! But first I should explain a little bit. I love Care Bears. Loved them as a child, and when they got brought back as an adult, I started wasting my money on collecting them. This was a few years before the dogs when I actually had money to spend on things like that.:) I have all sorts of Care Bear memorabelia. Shirts, fuzzy dice, sprinkler, key chains, dishes, but most predominantly the stuffed Care Bears. I've had them stored away in Rubbermaid storage bins for a while because I don't really have any where to put them that the dogs wouldn't most likely get into them. I brought them down today with our Halloween decorations and put them out on one of our couches just to see what I had. Welllllllll, I kind of forgot how many I had amassed!

There was a Teddy Bear parade coming up last month that the dogs and I participated in last year. I put packs on the dogs and had a couple of Care Bears sticking out of each side.
Thinking about that got me to thinking about how last year I tried to hunt down a couple of Care Bear dog collars, but had no luck. Well it just so happens that now I have a friend in the collar making business!:o) I shot Kennedy and email asking if her she would make me a couple of Care Bear collars if I could hunt down the fabric or if she could find any. Let me tell you, that woman was on it like white on rice!LOL Not only did she find me Care Bear fabric, but she found a few different styles! A style that was absolutely perfect for each dog! The collars arrived on Friday and I was thrilled!

Heffner's collar:

Bess' collar:
And I do have to give Kennedy props for her quality of work. The stitching is basically invisible, but everything is sewn to hold up to heavy wear and tear. After all, Kennedy has a great dane as well and understands the beating that they can give to those collars. At any rate, I am sooooooo incredibly happy with these collars!!

For whatever reason I was having lighting problems between the lights in the room and the camera. I did snap a few pictures of the dogs in their collars with the Care Bears though!


Abbey said...

Wow!, Im gobsmaked, I have never seen so many Carebears or any type of stuffed toys for that matter in one spot in my life!

Love the collars. I find with Danes at conventional stores if they have them long enough they are not the width I like which is the width your guys have on....they look great ..

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

AHHH!!! what a great post!! i loved carebears growing up too! ok--well maybe not as much as you---that is some collection!! that was an awesome post! and i LOVED the collars!!!!

MurphyDog said...

Holy Care Bears! You got quite a collection going on there. Man...I sure love stuffed animals. Especially when a little hole accidently happens and the stuffing just begs to be pulled out!

hee hee...good thing I dont know where you live!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Anonymous said...

oh those Carebare collars are awesum, and really suit bess & heff.
I love reading your blog, i to have a collar addiction and want to start making them myself, just need to find the hardware

Jennifer H. said...

LOL! LOVE them! How cool are totally custom collars??? Fun!