Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deep Breath.....

......Tomorrow Heffner and I step into the Rally Obedience ring for the very first time! I actually feel oddly calm about it. I guess that I really shouldn't be all that nervous. It's not my first time going into a dog sport ring. However, it is our first time in the Rally ring. I've been got all my poop in a group, got the dogs nails done, did the dog laundry, got Heffner bathed, I have all of tomorrow off, and now I'm just relaxing and getting ready to head off to bed.:)

Today we were officially announced as the winner of's dog blog contest!! It was really exciting to see it all written up and announced! And the people at the site were so nice with what they wrote.:)

There is one little thing that I have forgotten to update about this week. On Monday, we had our very first private obedience lesson! I changed my mind yet again and only took Heffner. Since it was our first lesson and she wanted to see what I've done so far with him and feel me out on our goals and what I'd like to accomplish; it was definitely easier having only the one dog. I was really pleased with how the lesson went! I like the instructor and her views on training and obedience in general and I think it's going to work out really well. She explained things to me in way that made perfect sense. And she also gave me a few things to work on with both dogs that I've already started incorporating in our daily training. AND she got me even more excited about training in obedience!:)

I'm also very excited to say that I now have my very own laptop!! Hubby got a promotion at work and wanted to upgrade his projector. I joked and said that I was fine with him upgrading the projector if I got a laptop. And it actually happened!! I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow of it and the freaking AWESOME mouse that I got for it (seriously, it's awesome). This means that I will be able to blog no matter where I go and not have to depend on hubby letting me borrow his laptop!;)

Well, wish us luck! I'll be sure to post how it went tomorrow and hopefully I can coerce someone into videoing it for us.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Wow, good luck tomorrow!!! I'm sure the two of you will be great!

Training my Mammoth said...

Good luck!! Hope you're able to get some video. You guys'll do great!

Also, congrats on the lap top! I'm trying to figure out a way to get one myself.