Monday, April 26, 2010

Product of the Month

My pick for Product of the Month for April are the wonderful dog beds that Costco sells. I don't have a link for them. All I know is that I've heard rave reviews about them from many other people and I have to whole heartedly agree! These beds are great! First of all, they're big enough for the dogs to curl up on.
The outer cover is easily removed and washed. And the beds seem to be quite comfy for the pooches. The beds also seem to be quite popular and it took us a few tried at Costco before we finally scored our two. Probably the best part of all about them is that they're super cheap! Each bed was $18.89. I don't really know of anywhere else that I could get a dog bed this size, of good quality, for that cheap.

We started off having just one of the beds in the office and the other in the spare bedroom. Heffner immediately took over the bed in the office leaving Bess the choice of the blanket on the floor or going into the other room to lay on the bed in there. Unfortunately, when she got into the other room, she found that the bed had been taken over by someone else.
We decided it was really a better idea to have both of the beds in the office, since we spend a good chunk of time in there and both of the dogs prefer to hang out in whatever room we're in. So I moved the second bed in and now both dogs are quite happy!
I also can't believe that I completely forgot to mention that yesterday was Bess' 3rd birthday!! My baby girl is growing up! We didn't do anything super fantastic because the rest of the weekend leading up to that point had been pretty hectic. Mostly just lots of cuddles and snuggles, which she LOVES!


brooke said...

Aww Happy 3rd Birthday Bess!!!
I may have to find someone to pick us up one of these beds for Dar.... we don't have a costco card, but I've heard a lot of good things about them. And a bed big enough for a Dane under $20. Hello!

Schwang said...

Miss M's dog friend brought one of these when she came to stay with us. Needless to say, Miss M. took it over and we didn't see her the entire weekend because she loved sleeping in the bed that much.

Jennifer H. said...

We LOVE the Costco beds as well. We have 3 of them right now. Amazing value for the price!

And Happy, Happy belated Woof Day to Bess!!!

Brenda's Arizona said...

We have 2 of the Costco beds - and not only do we (the humans) love 'em, but our dogs do, too. We sent one home with our cousin dog when he visited. And then our local Costco quit stocking them... sigh.

Janelle said...

We love those beds as well! Sometimes they dont have the big square ones, but big round ones instead. The only thing I dont like, is how they smell like cedar :)