Sunday, April 4, 2010

Results for Day 3

I didn't have Heffner entered in Rally today and that made things a bit easier on me. We had a ring time of 1pm and for whatever reason, late ring times just really throw me off. They're kind of hard to plan around. But there was the bonus that my friend Kennedy was done running her dane, Vegas, in agility and popped over to say watch and video us in the ring! Before I continue, Kennedy and Vegas deserve a big congratulations on moving up from Open level into Excellent yesterday!! And because my memory tends to get hazy around dog activities (Kennedy can correct me on this if I'm wrong), but they also got their first Excellent Q in JWW? Very exciting!!
As I said Kennedy was nice enough to stick around to watch us and video us! Here's the clip of Bess in her class:

And here is Bess in the Winners Bitch ring:

Unfortunately, Bess isn't quite as alert looking for me as she is for her breeder. Bess' half sister Serena went Winners Bitch today for point #14, with only one more to go to reach her championship! The brindle that you saw come in towards the end was Mia.:o)

After we got home we all just pretty much have vegged out. It's been a long weekend and I think we all just needed to unplug and relax a bit. I did get a chance to play around with the different settings on my camera and snap some pictures of Heffner for the 52 Weeks for Dogs shot. I kind of like how they turned out! Here's the one that I ended up picking:
I thought that was a pretty neat little function on the camera! I didn't have to do anything to get it black and white with selective color. The other shots that were contenders were:

And since it was Easter today, I decided to give the dogs a special dinner. They got some lamb on the bone!
I set up their crates in the media room so that they could mow down while we watched a movie.:)
Happy Easter everyone!!


The Musketeers said...

Happy Easter you guys !
Wooo, very gorgeous show doggies. Our human is now training to be a handler to prepare Roy for his next show, maybe the one after this month ;)

Kennedy said...

Thanks for tooting our horn, Lindsay! :) Yes, we earned our OAJ yesterday and got our first Excellent A Q in JWW today. Very exciting and Vegas is snoring right now to prove it. :)

I'm so glad I was able to get the video for you today - it made lugging the thing with me worth it. No matter what those silly judges think, we love your Bess girl. Thanks for entrusting her to me for a bit today. It was fun to get to love on her. :)

Jennifer H. said...

What a busy, busy weekend!!! Congrats on your two Rally legs!! Way to go team!