Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collar of the Month

My pick for collar of the month are the creatively recycled bike tubes turned dog collars, made by Cycle Dog! That's right, their creator took what a lot of people would just throw away, and turned it into something really cool and useful. The collars themselves are quite durable and don't require any sort of breaking in period. Some collars come rather stiff and it takes a little bit to get them fit properly around your dogs neck. These collars are soft and supple. And check out their video clip on their unique Pup Top design for the traditional leash clip tab! It's a dog collar and a bottle opener all in one! I was actually really excited about that because we've got a couple of camping trips planned for this summer and the dogs will be wearing these "multi purpose" collars.:o) These collars are also made right here in Oregon!

While I do generally enjoy being matchy-matchy with the dogs, they each got slightly different styles. Heffner got the regular buckle design with the red background and black dots.
Bess got the quick release design with a pink background and black paw prints (you can see how nicely her wound is healing in this picture).
I am definitely a fan of these collars! You should at least hit up the web site and check them out!


houndstooth said...

Those are just awesome! My husband will love those! He's a big bike nut.

brooke said...

so cool! i love pet things that are reused materials... the leash we use for Darwin is made from old climbing ropes and its made in Seattle! (krebs recycle)
Bess is looking good!

SheSpeaksBark said...

Just discovered your blog, your two danes are beautiful! Great danes are my favorite breed- although I have yet to have one of my own. I look forward to checking back on your blog!