Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Wrapping Up

I didn't get to finish uploading the pictures that I took of the dogs out in the wheat field on Thursday because we were jetting off to go see Inception (LOVED it!) and I wanted to get the post out because I knew that I wasn't going to otherwise have a whole lot of time this weekend. So I'll finish with the remaining pictures that I took.:) On our way back from the field, we passed the fairgrounds where they have a section of an open field fenced off with only one way in or out. Definitely the perfect spot to let the dogs off leash for some long distance recalls to finish off the zoomies they had!

We haven't had a whole lot of stuff going on dog wise this weekend. We've had some people related things going on. Thankfully I've had enough chunks of time that I've been able to fit in cardio and training with the dogs so that I haven't been feeling horribly guilty or like I've been ignoring them.

Not really much to report otherwise. We made a little trip to Home Depot today because our washer died and we desperately needed a new one. While there I did some browsing and picked up some safety cones to use for a variety of things in the back yard. I also picked up some lawn flags that are a LOT more appropriate for tracking than the wooden things that I had used previously. I also bit the bullet and ordered Bess her own tracking harness. The thought of having to repeatedly adjust the one harness that I have every time I switch dogs was really unappealing to me. And I also have made a firm plan to start up with some tracking training in the fall. It's going to require some adjustments in my schedule in order to fit it in, but I really want to and I think I'm getting up enough momentum and a training plan that I'll stick with it. I also plan on going to an instructor periodically through the fall and winter to make sure that we stay on track. I'm really excited about it though!

Otherwise things have been pretty mellow. I've just got a stack of books and magazines that I need to get to reading, but that'll come after a little True Blood tonight.;o) I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I loved Inception too! I was a little iffy about the ending (if I saw it fall, I would give it 9.5 out of 10 stars), but it was way better than I imagined it would be.

I want to start up tracking training again too. I wanted to keep up with it all along, but between my shoulder surgery and the drought, the conditions just haven't been good to start up again. I could, but it'd be more difficult than it should be for a re-introduction.

Also, I did find organic pumpkin at the store. If you ever want some, just let me know!

houndstooth said...

I love that picture of them both running! They just look so happy there!

I wanted to see Inception this weekend, but didn't make it to see any movies!