Saturday, July 24, 2010


The title of this post is perfectly appropriate. I'm talking smacking hand to forehead perfect! Which is actually what I did at the end of our beautiful advanced debut run when the judge told me that I had skipped a station. D'oh!!! I walked the course and included every station when I walked it. Granted, it's a lot easier to just follow the crowd when you're walking it and not really pay attention to the numbers. Which is what I should have done. It was station #3 that we skipped. That's right, right at the beginning. Bess did so well too! She was a happy girl! The judge liked her too and told me that I have a lovely working dog.....BUT, I skipped a station. He said that he knew I was going to be bummed about it. And I was. Regardless, Bess did great! In a way I'm sort of glad that we got an DQ because now we have a chance at a better score for our first advanced score of record. I ended up redoing the fast station because I kind of got her a little too riled up for it and she decided to race me to the next station and then run out a bit. She was very excited and I was concerned for just a moment that she was going to do zoomies around the ring. But she came back to me, we redid the station, and it was a beautifully heeling fast.:) So I'm happy even though I DQed us!

Unfortunately I didn't do anything with Mia today in conformation. Hers was the biggest class and she has decided that she doesn't want me to stack her rear. She does some wonderful front pivots just as I start to lean down to try and stack those feet. She's definitely got it down to a science and will even sometimes start pivoting once I have her front stacked. It's something that I'll have to work on. Georgia gave me some tips of things to try and I think it's just going to take repetition.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm really hoping that I can bring my happy girl into the ring and we can have a qualifying run!


Jennifer H. said...

ACK!! Oh man I am so sorry about the missed station but it sounds like it was a beautiful run otherwise!!

Good luck tomorrow!!! You guys rock!!!

houndstooth said...

At least Bess ran well and had herself together! You'll do great today!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Ah yes. I have almost skipped a station a couple times, but have thankfully them in in time. I have however gotten an NQ for pivoting the wrong direction. It was a 180 pivot right, I went left, and had no idea I did it wrong since I still ended up facing the right direction.