Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I haven't updated the blog in almost a week. Definitely strange for me considering I'm not on vacation or anything. Things have just been crazy busy. We managed to pack a whole lot of stuff into the weekend. It was fun, but I was pretty much doing something non-stop and trying to fit everything in. Everything went very well and I'm looking forward to being able to update on that this week hopefully. Yesterday I was pretty much gone from about 6:15am until 9:30pm almost solidly. I had just enough time in the evening to jet home from work to let the dogs out and potty them, then to run off to a work related dinner. We had some big wigs out yesterday and there was a lot going on with that. Which has left me pretty much spent for today and out of energy. Which also wasn't really an option because I had a vet appointment for both dogs today. That was fun! Bess is officially all clear on the pneumonia and there is nothing left! And her gash is nicely healed as well. Heffner is another story. He now either has chronic colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. It's not fun and we just started him on an elimination diet tonight. Which meant that I got to run all over town AFTER the vet appointment for both dogs, to find the appropriate food. We are eliminating beef, chicken, and turkey. Which is just about ALL of the dog food and treats that I have in the house. We're going to try pork combined with meds and just hope that it works. I'll have more details on everything when I'm better rested and can actually think straight. Because Bess had an x-ray today, I took Heffner to agility class and that most definitely was the highlight of the past two days for me! He was fabulous and totally in sync with me! And now I'm completely spent and must go to bed. I will update more tomorrow!

P.S. We got to meet Darwin and her people on Sunday!!:o) (I'm such an internet stalker!)


Jennifer H. said...

Well I'm such an internet stalker that I was worried about you since you hadn't posted since last week. ;) SO happy to hear that Bess is now fully healed up...on all accounts!

I am sorry to hear about poor Heff. I hope that your able to figure out what's going on with his tummy. Ughh the elimination diet is gonna be a pain.

Woo-hoo on the great agility class!!! That is awesome. I always feels amazing to feel so connected.

And I hope that things settle down for you soon too!

Katie, Meeka and Maizey said...

Poor Heffner! And Poor you for having to do an elimination diet. About two years ago Meeka developed terrible food allergies. Turkey, chicken, lamb and other proteins were all out for her. I ended up with a herring and sweet potato kibble. But while we did the elimination diet that meant NO treats, nothing but her food. The big bummer was Maizey was a puppy and getting TONS of treats, I felt like such a mean crazymomlady to not give goodies to my big girl!

I hope Heff feels better soon and its great Bess is doing better!

brooke said...

It was great to meet you and Bess this weekend! And I wouldnt say the poor introduction was all Bess, Darwin gets a bit bitchy with other females sometimes.

Poor Hef (and you!) with stomach problems! Those are never fun!