Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was a really nice one! The weather was great, I played CPE agility with Bess the whole time, and we got to hang out with friends that we don't get to see enough of (Kennedy and Shana!). It was just what the doctored ordered for going into this week ahead of work! And we even had some qualifying runs out of it!!:) You will also be happy to know that Kennedy and Vegas were there, so we got some high quality video of some of our runs.

We got to start Saturday morning out right off the bat with Jackpot. It was a combined course where all levels ran the same course and just had to accumulate their level's worth of points. Saturday they were running tall to small, so naturally we were at the head of the pack. We were the second dog out on the course. Friday evening after work, Adam and I met up with some friends for drinks and a movie, which meant that they dogs didn't get a whole lot done with them. Which also meant that Bess was pretty much full of piss and vinegar Saturday morning. Did I plan for this and maybe take her out for a little jog to work some of the sass out of her before we ran our course? Of course not! I figured that since it was a games course and we got to make things up as we went along that we would make our way through some how. I was wrong! Bess took one obstacle and the rest of the time she was zooming around the ring like a dane on crack! Mind you, she was having a blast, she just wasn't doing ANY of the obstacles that I was asking her to. Once I got her back to me the second time, we excused ourselves from the ring. And I learned my lesson!

You'll have to excuse me because I didn't write down the order that we ran the classes and now things are a little foggy as to what we ran when. I'm pretty sure that the next two courses we did were Wildcard and Colors.
We did qualify in both of those runs, nabbing a first place in Colors and a second place in Wildcard. And we have a video of our Wilcard run!!

After running the games courses we had a little waiting around to do before our Standard runs. Prior to our first Standard run Bess had really settled down in our x-penned area and had been quietly laying down on her crate pad. So I figured she would be good to go without a little jog before our run. I was wrong! The first half of the run went well, but then she just got a bug up her butt and decided to trot herself right out of the ring. Yep, NQ. This is seriously one of the reasons that Standard has seemed to be our nemesis regardless of what venue we do. And guess what! We have video of it.:)

Thankfully we pulled it together for our second Standard run and we Qed with a 1st place! We packed up and left and got home a little after 6pm. CPE days are loooooooooong days!

Sunday dawned early with me thinking it was Monday and I had to start the work week. I was a lot happier getting up when I realized that it was still Sunday and the reason I was having to get up so early was for an agility trial.:) Sunday they were running small to tall, so we didn't need to worry about having to think first thing in the morning. First up was Fullhouse for all levels.
Our Fullhouse run was actually a nice run. The reason we NQed was all me. To properly finish the course you need to have three single, two circles, and one jackpot. I plotted our course and it was actually pretty flowy. The only problem, which I didn't realize until after the fact, was that I had included ONLY three single jumps in my plan. We ended up with five more points than we needed for our level and finished before the whistle blew. The only problem was that Bess had knocked a bar and I hadn't compensated. So we only completed two singles. D'oh!! Otherwise it was a beautiful run!

I believe the next course we ran was Snooker. I again had a good plan going and we started off well. I just kind of had her overshoot one jump, which put her in front of a colored jump, when we needed to take a red jump next. I thought that I had pulled her far enough away from the jump that she wouldn't take it if I continued forward. Unfortunately, that was wrong. She took the colored jump and we ended our run there.

After that we had our two Standard runs. The first run I actually almost completely missed. I realized about half way through the dogs that they were running my level. Needless to say, I missed my walk through. Luckily we still managed to pull off a Q. Bess did have one moment where she decided to veer off the weaves and go check out the judge, but I actually saw several dogs after her do the same thing. Perhaps this judge was particularly delectable smelling?;) I suppose that the timer and score keeper must have been as well.;)

Our second Standard run was also a Q, though Bess wanted to go visit someone she recognised.;)

I'm not entirely sure why Bess was so inquisitive this weekend. She had other runs that were perfectly fine with the same people hanging around the ring in her full sight. She just got a little bug up her butt about. I have a hunch it has to do with the fact that she's due to go into season next month. The last time she pulled the whole running out of the ring trick it was also shortly before she went into season. Maybe she just gets a little more headstrong. Who knows! Either way, it most certainly was not the fault of anyone that she decided to go exploring on her own course.

Our Jumpers run that day, which was our last run of the weekend, was also a qualifying run. All-in-all, it was a really nice weekend.:) It's also been a nice start to the work week with things actually going the way that they were supposed to go today. I was actually able to leave on time today! Which made me happy because I got to get home and play with the dogs for a while. AND I'm knocking on wood and hoping that things hold out because Heffner had his last dose of meds on Friday morning and hasn't had an accident inside the house!! I REALLY hope that this continues and he's over whatever it was. If things continue to go well at work, I just might be able to get back to an almost normal rate of blogging again! Though now that I've said that, I'm sure all hell will break loose tomorrow.:oP


houndstooth said...

Wow! You guys were really busy! I'm glad you had some good runs and definitely glad that it was a relaxing and fun weekend for you!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

It looks like a fun weekend! Glad to see some video of Bess, her run towards cameraman was super cute too!

Jennifer H. said...

Wonderful update!! Sounds like and awesome weekend. HUGE congrats on the Q's as well. :) Zoomies must have been in the air this weekend because we had some on Sunday at a fun match. I just keep telling least he's having fun right??!! LOL

Vibes that Heff does well off the meds too!!! {{{{{{}}}}}

Kim said...

Great videos! I loved them. It is so nice to see the big dogs doing so well in agility.