Friday, August 13, 2010

YouTube of the Month

My pick for YouTube clip of the Month for August is of this great dane having a pretty fabulous time on the trampoline! Hmmmmmm......maybe my dogs need a trampoline?LOL

At some point today we're heading up to the general Mt. Hood area for some camping. Not exactly your traditional sort of camping. Adam's extended family does an annual family "camp-out." Last year (which I missed due to dog activities that I had already scheduled a year in advance prior to the camp out getting scheduled) and this year it's in an RV resort on Mt. Hood. Yes, you read that correctly. We will be camping at an RV resort. And yes, we're actually going to put up the tent. It should be interesting. We're bringing the dogs (obviously, or else I wouldn't be going) and the resort is pretty strict about NOT leaving them unattended. I've already started to get the impression from Adam that his definition of unattended and MY/the resort's definition are different. Dogs that are contained in x-pens still require people around to monitor them. Not that I would leave the dogs any how, but since we're not really actually camping, I will be making use of the showers and I'm really going to need to make sure that Adam actually stays with the dogs while I'm gone and doesn't wander off to other people's "camp sites." Thankfully the temperatures won't be as hot up there as they are predicted to be here at home over the weekend. So we should be able to fit in some hiking and some swimming in the many lakes that are in the general area. While many of the extended family are content to just hang out all weekend at the camp sites, I am not. Having the dogs there gives me ample excuse to head out either on my own or with anyone willing to trek along. However, I am NOT just hanging out at the resort and doing nothing. I'm familiar enough with the general area that I have plenty of ideas of places to go and will be able to keep myself and the dogs entertained. This should be interesting though!


katie, Meeka and Maizey said...

"We're bringing the dogs (obviously, or else I wouldn't be going) "

Hey! How did you know to quote me from the conversation I had about our upcoming camping trip? LOL Seriously though, it was pretty much, "the girls go or I don't!" End of conversation.;) Aint having 4legged puppy friends to take along grand?:))

{Amanda} said...

Your Danes are beautiful! Isn't it fun having two?!! ♥ Have a wonderful trip together!

You have a great blog! You should come check out my Danes, Layla & Lucius! They're both adopted & have added so much love to my little family ♥

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