Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Weekend!

I know that it's only Wednesday, but since it's the middle of the week, it's all down hill towards the weekend! We have a pretty fun weekend ahead of us. On Saturday we're heading down to Silverton to visit with my folks and do the Homer Davenport days 8K fun run!! This will be Adam's first ever "competition" run of any sort. Even better, we get to run it with the dogs!:o) I've done this fun run every year since we got Heffner, except for last year due to the stress fracture in my foot. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Even more exciting is what we've got on the docket for Sunday! Bess and I will be attending the Dane Outreach 3rd Annual Education Day!! (click the picture below to biggify and see the details)
We've attended this event the past two years and had a really good time both years! This year promises to be just as fun! I will be back with my assortment of inflatable props to give a little demo of some of the exercises that we do with the various balls, explain a little about why I do each one, and just generally show those interested that just because you have a giant dog, that doesn't mean that you are limited in what you can do with them. I got a lot of good questions last year and Bess had a blast demonstrating how enthusiastically she can do the exercises. The bonus this year is that I won't have Das Boot on!:) There's a whole lot of great information that is not just applicable to great danes, but dogs in general. Obviously the focus is to be a resource for those with great danes, but the event is open to all well behaved dogs on a 6ft. or shorter leash. If you're in the area and want to stop by, DEFINITELY come say hi to me! Did I mention how freaking great the raffle prizes are??? I got some really nice stuff last year and I'm hoping to score again this year. The event is important enough (and so fun!) that I'm driving three hours each way that day to go.:)

As a quick off topic note, I got back into the swing of practicing the dumbbell with Bess and on the first try of me presenting it to her she took it! Not only did she happily take it, but she held it when I told her to hold it without mouthing it! Score!! I sort of made an attempt at trying it out with Heffner, but his version of taking it is to repeatedly try and grab the dumbbell by the ends. He's always gotta be different!


houndstooth said...

I hope you have a great time! It does sound like fun!

brooke said...

Im hoping we will make it out on Sunday to the Dane Outreach event!

Lindsay said...

Yay!!! I hope you guys can make it out!

jen said...

Just stopping by your blog to say hello.
Hope you have a great race this weekend!