Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back On Track!

Phew! I think I'm about to get things back on track! Not quite as soon as I had hoped to, but I'm getting there! We were in Las Vegas this past Labor Day weekend and I was completely without an internet connection for almost four entire days!! Which means that I'm even further behind than I was before I left. Oh well, here's to trying to catch up!:o)

I don't even know what to update on. I don't have a whole lot I guess. I've been trying to get the dogs back on track with their cardio and training routines. Not an easy task with my work schedule still fluctuating. But at least the worst part of that work load is over (or so I hope!). I kind of thought about doing a training goals for the month post, but that just felt like a whole lot of effort for something when I'm really not even sure how this month is going to pan out. Therefore, my goal for the month is to just get back on track!

I do, however, have an update of sorts on Heffner and his food issues. Right now it's looking like he for sure has an allergic response to chicken products. He has been really solid on just pork products for over a month now and I decided yesterday morning to give a little bit of chicken a try in the form of an egg. Bess had no digestive issues with her egg, so I know that it was a bad batch or something. Heffner ended up having diarrhea last night (thankfully none in the house!) and into this morning. I started him back on metranidazole to ease him through this part because I don't want him to get dehydrated again. I also fasted him this morning to head off any accidents while I was at work. So far so good. He actually had a solid poop this evening. It'll be a couple of weeks before I try another protein source, just to let his system settle back down. I think I'm going to try beef next. I have a feeling that it's going to be okay. I'm not entirely sure that I will try the turkey. I have a feeling that I'll get a reaction similar to the egg.

This weekend I've got both of the dogs entered in one day of a rally trial down in Eugene. We're only doing Saturday because it's Adam's birthday and we're going to go out with some friends that night and I figured that I would be too tired Sunday morning to drive all the way back to Eugene (about a 2.5 hour drive). So hopefully it'll be a good day!:)

Other than that things are plugging right along. Bess is due to come into season at the end of the month, so that will curtail any performance events for her for a few weeks and I've planned accordingly. Since we don't have any activities planned for Sunday I'm hoping to get caught up on putting some little videos together to post to the blog of the dogs just being themselves. And I will also hopefully be able to get caught up on reading every one's blogs too!!


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Welcome back!

Good luck in the rally trial - I agree that it would be too far to drive after going out the night before. I try to come home on trial weekends if the show is 3 hours or less from home. I'll come home, crash, and sleep until before dawn the next morning, and repeat. But going out the night before is just too much.

I hope Adam has a Happy Birthday!

And I especially hope that Heffner's stomach calms down a bit. It's funny, most people don't consider eggs to be chicken products, but that's exactly what they are. Good luck finding proteins that agree with him - I'd have to agree, beef probably would be okay.

I hope it all works out for him!

katie, Maizey (and meeka in our hearts) said...

Stomach issues and allergies are just no fun to deal with. It took us over a year to figure out Meeka's food allergies, it was not fun at all!

A comment on the protein source: with Meeka we had to even avoid products from a protein source, like cheese form cow milk etc. And she could no have chicken or turkey-they were equally bad to her. I know its not the same with each pup, but just our experience. I hope Heff feels better soon!

brooke said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear work's calming down (hopefully) and you can get back to your routine. Hope Heffner's stomach/allergies get sorted out. Diarrhea is no fun at all!

Jennifer H. said...

Good luck at the Rally Trial today!!!

Bummer about the chicken allergy but at least you know for sure now.

And glad to hear that work is settling down a bit! I miss your posts. :)