Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fingers Crossed!

I am keeping my fingers crossed on several accounts right now! For starters, I started trying Heffner on a little bit of beef this morning and so far so good. I just hope it stays that way. He got some of this product that I get from the butchers called K9 Grind. It's a mixture of beef green tripe, gullets, and heart. Both dogs LOVE it. He had one bowel movement earlier today and everything was fine and so far throughout the day he's been fine as well. I gave him a little more with dinner and we'll see how it goes through the night. It would be really nice if only from a training treat perspective, to be able to give him beef products. I'm still holding off on the turkey products at the moment. As long as the beef introduction goes well, I'll try a little turkey in a few days.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that Bess goes into season within the next few days. I held off on entering her in two agility trials coming up the next two weekends because she is slated to go into season and it would just suck to have missed out on the opportunity with her if she didn't go in. Aaaaaaaaaaand, I've already sent off entries for other events in October, some of which I won't be able to get my money back on if she's in season for them. I'm pretty sure that she'll go in within the next day or two. She's showing all the signs of it. Gotta love a girl who pretty much sticks to her schedule!

And finally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't lose my mind in October. The way things are looking right now, I've booked every single weekend. Oy! I still have an entry to mail off, but we should get in. It's just going to be some busy weekends. Hopefully Adam will forgive me! On the up side, my November and December are MUCH quieter!!

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Hound Girl said...

hang in there and good luck! Looking forward to updates!