Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not Much

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of doing regular posts and I'm kind of stuck on what to update about. I did get Bess' titling picture in the mail today!! I'm pretty pleased with how she looks, though I wasn't really thinking about myself when I was standing there for the picture. Hence the sunglasses on my head. And since I was impatient to get going home, I decided not to wait around until the judge was done with novice to get our picture. Hence the lack of a judge in this picture.

Our weather is most definitely turning more towards fall! I LOVE this time of year and this weather. The only small problem that I am now going to have to plan around is that our back yard will basically be unusable for the next nine months. It gets way too soggy and gross to do anything on. Which means that I most definitely will be having to look into renting barn time for agility. Obedience work won't be a problem. We actually had some fun today in the house with recalls. I set the dogs up in a variety of spots with me out of sight and then called them to front. Heffner thought it was the most exciting game EVER! I actually have video of him coming hurtling down the hallway that I'll have to post later.:) Bess completed her recalls in an orderly fashion, but definitely seemed to enjoy the variety a little more.

I am also VERY happy to say that I am able to do right finishes with Bess reliably (at least mostly) with a signal only!:) Heffner is still working with the verbal and the signal, but I can tell it's going to come along. I actually think that if I continue these out of sight recalls that he might get the idea faster. He was sooooooooo excited doing these recalls.LOL


houndstooth said...

I'm glad that things are still going well for you. I hope you find a good place to work with them, too!

Ashley said...

I am loving this time of year too! Although our dogs are starting to act funny now...I think they notice the change in temperature and weather! Glad all is going well!

Julia Williams said...

Just found your blog from poking around some pet sites. I love your list of pet-related books!