Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here We Go!

Tomorrow starts our cascade of weekend trials through the end of October! Will I make it through? We'll see. I'm sure that I'll lose at least a small portion of what's left of my mind!;)

Tomorrow and Sunday I've got Heffner entered in an AKC agility trial. I held off from entering him on Saturday as well because I will be helping Bobbie out with the confidence course that is part of PetUtopia's 1st Annual Fall Carnival! It should all be a lot of fun, but definitely a busy weekend. I'm looking forward to Daylight Savings Time this weekend, except that we're meeting up with some friends Saturday night, which will most certainly negate the "extra" hour of sleep that I would be getting. It'll be fun though!

My work schedule will also be changing starting next week. I was notified of this yesterday. I will be going back to working four tens. The original plan (not mine) was to have me working Sunday through Wednesday. As soon as I heard that, I brought up the trials that I had already entered and would not be getting refunded for simply because I was told on short notice that my work schedule was changing. Thankfully, we were able to figure something out that is beneficial to all and still gets the work done. It'll be nice to have Fridays off without having to use vacation time, however, in my dog world, it's not so great. I'm going to totally have to rework the dogs' training and exercise schedule to accommodate the elimination of our week day morning routine. Or I'm just going to have to start getting up at 4:30am. It's also going to actually be inconvenient for me to be away from work. When you interact with a variety of people who predominantly work Monday through Friday, they just assume that you work the same schedule. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it's there.

Wish us luck for tomorrow. We just have Standard and Jumpers With Weaves. Heffner has zero AKC Standard q's, so it'd be nice to see some improvements there. If not a q, then I really just want him to be staying with me and showing progress in that respect.


Sam said...

Good luck - I hope you have an awesome trial with Heffner. :)

brooke said...

good luck this weekend! working 10 hour days sounds tough but having a 3 day weekend sounds nicccceeeee. :)

Jennifer H. said...

Lots and lots of vibes on the way for you guys this weekend!!!! Have fun!