Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bora's Visit

I posted a little video on Wednesday of a hodge podge of clips that I took while Bora was visiting us. I didn't go into a lot of detail previously because I've been kind of throwing things together on the blog, but now I have a chance to go a little more into detail.

We came to know Bora through her breeder, Stacie. Bora's parents had put in their puppy application and Stacie needed someone to do a home check as part of her application process. I was more than happy to do it, and that's how I came to meet Bora's parents, Megan and Bill! Once they brought her home, got her settled in, and good to go with vaccines and what not, they wanted to start socializing Bora to lay the appropriate foundation for a well rounded adult dog. Naturally I happily volunteered to go to their house and visit as well as volunteering my house for them to come and visit. Along the way they mentioned that they were getting married in July and were wondering if we could puppy sit her for a few days while they dealt with all the craziness that ensues around a wedding. Do you really think that I would say no to puppy sitting a 12 week old great dane???? And that's how Bora came to visit us for a few days.

It actually worked out really well that we had Ruthie at the time as well because then Bora would have someone closer to her size to interact with. While the big dogs can mean well, they play rough and are very much used to bashing each other around. A gangly puppy doesn't stand a chance. And puppies being as curious and excited as they are, usually try to join in on the fun and the whole situation is usually not such a great thing. And since we didn't have Ruthie fully integrated into our group, Ruthie also had someone to hang out with. Two thumbs up!

Bora was dropped off on Thursday morning and I spent about an hour at the house hanging out with her and Ruthie in the back yard. This was Ruthie's reaction when I told her that Bora was her new personal trainer:
I still needed to get back to work and Bora was starting to act like she was a little tired, so I just decided to bring her back to work with me (after calling my office mate to make sure that she was okay with it). Thankfully I've got the office, so having her there in her crate negated the need for me to make another trip home and back to let her out to pee. She was an incredibly well behaved little girl in her crate and most people didn't even know she was there until they saw the crate. She spent the majority of her time sleeping like this:
I took that Friday off for multiple reasons. It just happened to work out perfectly to soak up some puppy time! I have to admit that I didn't actually take very many pictures. It's amazing how much time can pass just watching a puppy play! Ruthie was quite amusing. While there were people around, she didn't really interact much with Bora. Once the people were out of sight, and as long as you snuck up to a window without her realizing you were watching, you could actually catch her playing with Bora. As soon as she realized someone was there she would totally stop what she was doing. Unfortunately this made it really difficult to actually catch video of them playing.

It was really fun having a dane puppy in the house for a weekend! And get this, she totally slept through the night all the nights! Even the first night she was here, she didn't make a peep until I made my way downstairs to start the process of letting the dogs out for their morning pee! She was a very well behaved puppy during her stay and we were quite happy to have her!

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brooke said...

So cute! I like her sleeping style in the crate!