Friday, July 22, 2011

How About That Weather?

Talking about the weather is supposed to be something that you do when you're making polite conversation. This summer it has become a subject much obsessed about almost regardless of where you live in the US. You've got the midwest that's been experiencing a crazy ridiculous heat wave. And then you've got the west coast, which has been experiencing some very mild and cool summer weather. Up until I looked at next weekend's forecast, I was NOT complaining. I have one great dane who is relatively sensitive to the heat. And now we have our midget dog, I mean french bulldog ;0) for whom the heat is potentially life threatening. For this household, cooler weather is fine and dandy!

Unfortunately we were planning on going camping up on Mt. Hood next weekend and doing some serious lounging and swimming in one of the lakes up there. When I pulled up the extended forecast as of right now, we're slated to have highs around 60 and lows into the 40s. I can handle cold over night and was totally prepared to bring dog blankets and do what we've done in the past. But if the high is only going to be around 60, that's a tid bit chilly for my swimming taste. I prefer not to bring my wet suit along to get some swimming in!

There are, of course, many other things to do while we're up there. It just wasn't entirely what I was hoping for. And extended hiking is out of the question unless Adam and I trade off carrying Ruthie. Which essentially means that I would be the one carrying her when needed since I tend to be the pack mule by dint of being in a lot better shape. Bleck!

So now we are faced with trying to figure out what to do. Adams exact reaction when I told him the forecast was "f*ck that!" I think you get the drift of his opinion on camping then and there.;0) I would be fine rescheduling for a different weekend if we didn't already have our weekends booked until October. So now I'm all out of sorts and not exactly sure what to do other than obsessively recheck the forecast to see if it starts to change in the direction that I'm hoping for.

In the mean time, it's a dog show weekend!! Sadly there are a bunch of people up in Canada this weekend at the big BC specialty so I will not see the entire regular crowd. I've got Bess entered in conformation both days and rally on Sunday. I'm going to scratch her from our Novice run on Saturday. While I'm getting a totally different and awesome dog right now, this attitude is not a habit yet and I haven't tested it under higher stress environments. Wish us luck!!


K-Koira said...

I'm running off to Eastern Oregon for the weekend to finally get some sun and warm weather! I figured a good weekend backpacking trip near Prineville will be enough to warm us up.

Laney said...

Good luck!! 60 for a high? *sigh* British weather is subject to much discussion and 60 at the moment would be good!! Can't believe we are in July our weather is more like Autumn, still my dogs still love going in the river, even if its raining they are going to get wet anyway...right? As for camping, *shudder* my old dog hated camping and would go into an amazing sulk, she wouldn't eat or even want to go for a walk, she had the right idea, she loved B&B's!!