Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catch Up!

Boy do I have some catching up to do!! Feeling a little frazzled at work has lead to me coming home and just wanting to mentally check out. Yesterday morning-ish I was given a print out of a spreadsheet that has every single work day scheduled out for me for the next year. And as though that wasn't exciting enough (please read the sarcasm here), we then talked about the next year of the project, which has basically the same outcome. That's two years of my work life already scheduled out for me. Ack!! I know that it will all work out once we get going, because our group is thankfully really good at pulling this stuff off, it's just a wee bit daunting to think about. I have hypothesized that if I make it out of this project without a multiple personality disorder or a drinking problem, it will be a small miracle!

Now on to the actual reason for this blog, my wonderful, sanity maintaining dogs!! We've had a lot of fun stuff going on over the past couple of weeks and I'm going to try and more adequately catch people up on that. This post could be lengthy, or I might actually pull off a relatively brief update. We'll see what happens at the bottom of the post.;0)

As I mentioned previously, two Tuesdays ago, Adam and I headed up to the lake with the big dogs for some swimming. Since I have some favorite more out of the way beaches that I like to frequent, we left Ruthie at home because I didn't want her over heating on the way down to the water. Heffner had a BLAST going swimming! Bess did her usual and only went in up to her chest. Then, because she's going through a false pregnancy right now, she spent most of the rest of the time that we were there making nests around the largeish bushes around the beach. All I can say is that I am thankful that's the only weird personality quirk that crops up around these false pregnancies. Since I was actually swimming in the water part of the time with Heffner, I left Adam up on the shore with the camera and he had a good time taking pictures. Because Heffner has a habit of pawing me while I'm in the water, I always make sure that I'm wearing a suit that is Heffner appropriate and cannot get easily dislodged. Trust me, a two piece bathing suit does NOT hold up to the "loving" swipe of a great dane paw! What I didn't realize at the time was that the suit that I chose is a little old and the fabric was getting a little thin. This is something that my darling husband very obviously realized, judging by the pictures that he took that I feature in.;0) Therefore, there are not a ton of pictures for me to share without feeling like I should be charging by the minute!LOL Here are the pictures that have made it through the filter:

And since I just realized that I could save the rest of my updating for a couple different posts and keeping the posting ball rolling, I will talk about Bora's visit tomorrow!:) Happy weekend everyone!!

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