Friday, July 8, 2011


I haven't blogged for a few days now and wanted to come up for air. Just the usual business, but I do have much to share! Tue. night Adam and I headed out to the lake with the big dogs and did some swimming. Well, Heffner and I did some swimming. It was the most lovely evening that we've had in a while! I'll have to see which pictures I'll want to post from that night. Adam was snapping pictures and unlike me, he tends to include actual people in his pictures. Which means that I am in the pictures in my oh so sexy one piece that I use for doggy swim time. Maybe I'll do some cropping of the pictures before posting.;0)

Our other excitement is that we have a 12 week old great dane puppy staying with us until Sunday!! Her name is Bora and she's from the litter that Stacie bred that I got to go up and visit in May. She is terribly cute! And really well behaved, especially considering that she's a puppy! I'll have pictures and video to post, I just need to sit down and do that eventually. I'm taking the day off today to enjoy it all and just to "relax." So most likely you won't get anything from me until tomorrow.

And I never did post anything about the 4th. It was a pleasantly mellow day. We went up to my sister in law's in Washington to watch the fireworks and took Ruthie with us. Ruthie was good and tolerated a lot of kids swarming her. Which I only really allowed a little bit of and then started doing my schpeal about how it's not a good idea to go up to a dog that's not yours and get all up in their face, no matter how nice they are. It also worked to give her some space by putting her in her carrier out on the deck with us. It was a nice relaxing day!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Ailsa and Angel Brodie said...

our mums tends to have breakes from blogging, Mums hasnt used the bathers excuse for not putting up our photos. its usually the dust that shows.