Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Bust

As the title implies, this weekend was pretty much a bust at the dog show. While Bess won her class today, that was as far as she got. As for Rally? Well, lets just say that I knew better and I already saw this train wreck coming from a mile away. Ug!

We NQed. A real honest NQ. Not an NQ from me pulling her from the course. Not an NQ from her fowling the ring. It was a straight up bad performance that was deserving of what we got. And I really should have just pulled her.

We again had a lovely warm up. Actually better than lovely. It got my hope up. But that was all that I got. Once we stepped into the ring, it flipped the miserable dog switch. Getting her to sit was next to impossible. After about the third station I was ready to pull her, but then I figured screw it, we'll just zip through the course and do what we can. I knew the run was done after the first station when I had to redo it because I couldn't get her to sit. She had more forward momentum than she's had because I didn't even care if she was anywhere in heel position. I just wanted to get through the course. So, that was pretty craptastic, but I guess it was the final slap in the face that I needed to get me to STOP entering her in anything. She will not be entered in any obedience related events until we get this problem fixed and have tested it in a few matches.

After having a bit of a downer of a weekend show wise, I did a little retail therapy and bough myself a necklace!
It wasn't until after I bought the necklace that I thought maybe I should have been on the lookout for a frenchie necklace. After all, I don't have any french bulldog jewelry and I'll NEED some to wear at the national specialty next year.;0)

In happier news, our kickball teamed kicked some a** last night!! We are currently undefeated and ousted the #1 team in the first game of our double header. Woot!! Adam wants to bring Ruthie to one of the games to be our little mascot. Which I'm totally down for, except for the fact that our team goes out for pizza and beer after the game and I don't know what we would do with her since it's way too warm to even think of leaving her in the car.

And speaking of the midget, I've got a couple more pictures. She is disgustingly cute. I pretty much find everything that she does adorable.

I also need to figure out how to put together a new blog header that includes Ruthie in it as well as a new blog name. I'm really liking the ring of "Life With Big Dogs And a French Midget.":0)


jen said...

OMG Ruthie is adorable!

Sorry to hear that the show didn't go well, but at least you got a pretty necklace out of it!

brooke said...

hahah like the idea for a new blog title. hahaha
You need to find a pizza and beer place with outdoor seating so Ruthie can join you! Our office played kickball a couple years and we SUCKED. hahahaha

Jennifer H. said...

Ruthie is SO stinkin' cute that it hurts!! What a face on that sweetie. :)

And I'm sorry about the NQ. That is SO hard. We are in a big time training mode right now as well.

LOVED all the photos. :)

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Ruthie is to stinking cute and I LOVE the new blog title!!!!! It's perfect!!