Saturday, August 6, 2011

For The Record

It's unfortunate that I even feel the need to post this, but I did want to make a clarification. After Thursday's post, I received a response from the author. I thought it odd that he would just happen to come across my post, but it could happen. I decided to check out the comments section of his original post to see if it was a matter of him finding my post or of him being directed towards it. It was the latter. That's fine. This happens all the time and was something that I basically expected. What is most disturbing though is that someone posted the link to my post pretending to be me. They used the identifying name of Life With Big Dogs. And the link that goes along with the name, is my blog link. I am stating this right now, I did not post that.

I have been given a fairly good idea of who would post this and it's not appreciated. It's incredibly immature when someone else tries to start a fight between two people by doing something like this. I chose not to comment on the post because I didn't really see a point in it. I used that post in my own post as an example of why people should read information posted online with a critical eye as opposed to just believing everything that they read. If I wanted to pick a fight with the original author, there are a plethora of better ways to go about it. However, that was not my intent.

I guess this is yet another example of why you shouldn't believe everything that you read online. There are those out there who apparently have nothing better to do than to try to stir things up. This is the last that I will speak about this particular topic. I will return our regularly scheduled (sort of!) blog posts shortly. Hopefully I'll have some time today to put together the videos that I've been meaning to for a few months now!


houndstooth said...

I just read through the last post and the comments. I'm sorry that somebody gave you grief about it. I hate it when people try to exploit the anonymity of the internet!

Mango said...

What the heck? Doofus head people. It looks like that person stole a bunch of people's links. Duh.

Yup, I too get insane over vague statements that are not supported by sound statistical information and objective research. And, yeah, a lot of people are incapable of ingesting the information even when it is out there.

Hang strong.

Mango Momma

BorderWars said...

As I already told you, *I* am the one who posted the link back here.

I found this post because my statcounter keeps track of who refers incoming traffic.

For example:
Date - Time - Came From - Landing Page
Aug 6 17:07:38

You left a link to my blog and someone clicked it. Then it shows up on my statcounter (

This is really simple. No evil conspiracy.

Nick said...

WordPress platform allow the adminstrators to see who link back to their blog posts.