Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spit Happens

Boy howdy does it ever in this house! If you have a dog with largish lips, then you're probably all too familiar with the random slingers that end up in all manner of places around the house. The more dogs of this variety you have, the more slingers can accrue. I am not overly fond of spending chunks of time solely cleaning the slobber off the walls and other areas, so the de-sliming of the house happens infrequently. Usually when we're about to have company over who haven't been to the house before. We try to at least make a good first impression. It's all down hill after that!;0)

More recently, we needed to start de-sliming the main traffic areas of the house. As I was about to start, I had a little thought that it might be entertaining (or gross for those of you who manage to have dogs and still maintain an immaculate house. I hate you by the way.;0) ) to take before and after pictures! So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the before pictures (sorry about the lighting, if you click on the pictures to bigify them, it's clearer).

And here are the after pictures!

And if you notice, the first wall shot is the same wall with the hole that I posted about previously.

Thankfully Adam figured out a relatively quick way to get the slobber off because just using a rag was VERY time consuming and made a not so fun job, worse. And since the whole house needs to be repainted anyhow, who cares if we scrape some paint off in the process!lol

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and that those in Irene's path are hanging in there and not suffering much from damages!


Unknown said...

FYI, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works WONDERS on spit. It can take paint off, ever so slightly, but if you don't care much about the paint finish, then use it on your walls. I do, and my only complaint is that when the light hits the wall and I look at it at just the right angle, I can see where I wiped it off, it looks slightly darker. But looking straight on you can't tell and its better than slobber.

I also recommend tan walls, slobber isn't as obvious then ;)

Someone trying desperately to have the immaculate giant dog house...

Lexi and Jasper the Danes said...

I know this look all to well!!!

~Laura (Lexi and Jasper the Danes)